Dredge Pipe Spraying Sand Onto Beach

tried to lighten pipe which is in shadow. i was too far for a flash in my tiny camera. used art program to circle pipe & lightened. forget reality — should turn into painting maybe


2 thoughts on “d2

  1. Looks good! I can see the pipe a lot better now, i didn’t even realize it was that long before you lightened it. I’m not sure what i was thinking, though. Oh yeah, i guess i thought that the pipe looked more buried by sand before with a smaller amount of the end sticking out or something. It blended in more…But anyway that is a heck of a lot of sand spraying out of the end of that.

    1. Thanks. I don’t know why I didn’t focus on the pipe when I had a chance. I was more interested in the ship, the birds etc. Once they had the pipe under water with a short section up on the beach with the ship far out in the ocean and another time they ran a very long pipe along the beach with the ship close to shore. When they had 10 blocks of pipes along the beach I could have taken a good picture but didn’t… oh well. It’s kind of tedious trying to do something with what I have. I guess I should have done more during daylight…

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