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3 thoughts on “Dredge

  1. Oh hell. I have no idea what the problem with this is. 4 & 6 are missing and doing a tedious one at a time is making the whole thing incoherent. This is too scrambled to make a story. Maybe I’ll make an animation and try to upload it on photobucket so I can tell the story. I have zero confidence I can do that and so I’m inclined to forget the whole thing. the photos are mostly crumby and need a lot of massaging. Doesn’t seem worth the effort. Has to show the Dredge ship came, it sprayed sand on the beach and the bulldozers moved the sand around….the birds ate… Probably not possible… Oh hell, i roamed around in the cold for nothing… I screwed up… not enough material to work with… This is like the stupid photographer who shoots a whole roll of film and forgets to take off the lens cover…. I have a whole bunch more to look at… maybe I shouldn’t bother, because they’re all blah and minus blah… it seemed exciting at the time and now it’s nothing…

    1. I think they look great, though i bet it IS frustrating, fighting with it trying to get it right. I’m sure you’ll get it the way you want it eventually. I have to admit i did giggle at the photos needing “a lot of massaging” and at the shooting a roll of film with the lens cover on. But i don’t think they’re blah, and at least you have a creative project going on. I can’t even come up with a little poem…

      1. Thanks. Maybe I’ll forget trying to make it authentic and just make it like a painting with unreal elements. If they wanted a record, they should have had an official photographer with good equipment. So maybe I should just draw in whatever and not worry if it really records what happened. I could stick a tree in there if I wanted or whatever. Forget reality — I don’t have a good enough camera for that.

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