On Sand and Steps (Draft 1) [this took forever for post box to respond;hope it works]

On Sand and Steps

Who could wash away
Sandy sorrow and surges

My thigh hurts
because I fell
bottom of the stairs

She said to
turn off my flashlight
because the looters she knew
would know she left her apartment

Seems that I
can’t see in the dark,
missed a step,
fell, and
we went to
charge her cell phone
near the security booth
where they hide guards
and do nothing, a light light
house like Potemkin’s façade

In the dark
without heat
without hot water
wet faces are not washed
dirty, filthy tides cry, but

the ocean is more beautiful
and magnificent than the mud
of the tidal marauders, and
the seagulls sing more sweetly
than people

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “On Sand and Steps (Draft 1) [this took forever for post box to respond;hope it works]

  1. I hope your thigh feels better soon…and I agree, seagulls do sing more sweetly than people. I’ll be back after work and i’ll reply more here and there and everywhere i haven’t gotten back to you at yet. Well i hafta to get to work…

    1. Thanks. It’s OK. This was from outline notes and was going to add walking on the beach etc. but I never got to it… other stuff: dim flashlight with broken spring and good bright flashlight — the dim one in bed to find the good one or to go to the bathroom… other stuff I forgot… never got it off the ground… Maybe i’ll look for some rhymes that may trigger a thought or whatever….

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