Ultra short short-short Poem in short

ultra-short poem

Beware the Zeitgeist,
Homer Simpson Flying Donut drone.

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Ultra short short-short Poem in short

    1. Yeah, it’s a scary thing. Whenever they invent something they never take it back and they keep expanding on its uses. They want to use drones is the US. It’s really scary. We keep getting closer to the novel “1984” with Big Brother watching everything. They’re asking permission to fly in any airspace so the police could use drones for surveillance(at first). Imagine if someone is accused of a crime in the U.S., eventually they could just fly one of these things next to their car and kill them instantly if they’re a “wanted fugitive” who’s accused of committing a felony crime. As it is now, sometimes a person is labeled “wanted, armed and dangerous,” they get stopped in their car and if they put their hands up they can be arrested safely and have a trial. Once in a while they’re found innocent. With a drone, they’d just kill them on the spot. That’s just one possibility with someone labeled as a “felon”. If they label them “terrorist” then they would definitely be dead. The problem is: who decides. It might be that 99% are guilty but….

      1. You know, i’ve never read 1984. I’ve heard about it several times from different people and i’ve meant to read it but i still never have. That’s crazy that they could just fly up next to a car and kill someone. That’s just cold, premeditated murder if you ask me and makes whoever would make the decision to do that to someone, no better than the assumed felon or terrorist that they are killing. That’s just completely wrong on so many levels…

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