ultra-short B poem

be stung

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “B

  1. be stung? Ouch! I think i’ll try to watch out for the bee, unless of course it was going to lead me to honey…then i suppose being stung might be worth it. cute little poems…

    1. Thanks. I’m running out of steam, just have choo-choo train poems, having to chew on ideas that are difficult to swallow even when the swallows come back to Capistrano or I suppose, now-a-days they take the train trying to wing it with a prayer.

      1. See, there’s another thing i didn’t know about – The swallows of Capistrano. That’s awesome that they go back there every year. I bet their prayers are in the form of lovely little songs.
        Yeah, i have a few ideas/thoughts/notions that are difficult to swallow. I try not to think about those much, they only depress me…

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