ultra-short C poem

as passing
in Sea school,
the scene seen:
by-by C sea

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “C

  1. Those are short little poems you’ve came up with. I’ve never heard of a C sea…sounds like much more fun than a c-section. i like the scene seen wordplay.

    1. Thanks. Hmm, I hadn’t thought of C-section on the list of things with “C”. I guess in the old days when there was only the library of books, you found that in the C section under Caesarian. The birth of the poem would have been complicated I suppose. Hmm, I never did know if my breach birth in the elevator poem worked that well — I had no idea how anyone pictured that….wait, I’d better save this comment first while I look for it…ctrl a, ctrl c.. ok, i’m leaving this box open while I look….OH, it’s “In a Posh Elevator”… gee, none of my titles are memorable… I suppose I should start arranging them by topic instead of chronological… I don’t know.. If I do it that way someone may not like the subject and miss something else…. Well, maybe just have an index and leave the order. Or maybe paper airplanes that can be thrown around like I-ching sticks…(is that the name, I forget)… But anyway, I’m done with short — I’m not going to “D”.

    2. OH never mind. I forgot they use the Dewey Decimal system with broad categories. Oh, never mind that… I was going to say the card catalog but they don’t have cards anymore… I think the last time I just wandered around until I found something… actually, I think wandering around in a paper library is easier than trying to look something up electronically…

      1. Yeah, i think the birth of a poem is probably very complicated. One of those things that’s best left to the best poem Doctors. You never know what could go wrong! I remember your posh elevator poem, i would not want to be in that situation…the only births i’ve helped out in have been the molly and platy fish, although i’m pretty sure that if they could talk they would say i was an excellent mid wife.
        I’ve never heard of i-ching sticks. I looked them up but didn’t learn much…almost every day i’m presented with something i had no clue about before…and then i realize how very little i actually know about anything (it makes me feel very small in a super huge world).
        Cars in the c-section (teehee!) I remember the card catalog. It was actually easy to locate books then. Now i think you’re supposed to look them up on the computer somehow to find them in the library. Or you could just ask the librarian. But they always seem to get annoyed with me if i do that. I bet all day long they have people asking where to find books because they don’t know how to use the computerized card catalog.

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