Come Cry With Me

Come Cry With Me

If this be the day
of shelter, I am joy;

If you are here
with me in spirit
do not be so subtle
’cause I will believe
and listen

Oh yes,
come tomorrow

I have waited forever.
Be with me and
I will love you so.

I have a kiss for you.
Come get it.

I will be kind.
All I ever wanted was
a picnic with you.

There will be no rain I promise.
Only my tears I will hide, because
I want you to know
you are joy, and I
have a sandwich
to sandwich us
to be tasty

We will spread out
on the meadow, and
if there be rain
we will run inside
and laugh
as the giggles pour on the roof.

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Come Cry With Me

  1. I love this, it’s beautiful, it makes me feel all joyful and warm. A picnic with you sounds delightful, like happiness, sunshine and a warm breeze that makes the meadow dance to the tune of the bird’s songs. I was starting to list lines that i like from this and i realized i’m just gonna end up quoting the whole poem so i’ll just say it’s perfect and i’ll go daydream a lot about picnics and kisses and all sorts of other romantic type things…

    p.s. i did just make some delicious sweet treats that would be perfect for a picnic. They’re brownies with chocolate chip cookies baked into them and so very good.

    1. Thanks very much. It’s a puzzle to me when I write something so simply and easily and (it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone) I get a good feeling from it and I like it (I don’t usually like my poems initially when I write them). So it’s good to get feedback where there’s a match of opinion. It’s an odd thing: sometimes people like the poems I like the least. Sometimes it’s been shocking when I ask them what’s their favorite poem and they tell me it’s one that I almost discarded because it’s so bad, or they like a really obscure and dense one which I don’t even understand because I just looked for interesting words or strange techniques. And then sometimes I find out they hate my favorites. This is why it’s difficult to make a collection. Someone will always seem to flip to a poem they dislike and then stop and not find the one that they would like. I suppose it would be interesting to title a book, “My worst poems.” They might be someone’s best.
          I like aged cheeses and banana cream pie and pastrami… oh not in that order…well, I’ve only had it once but I liked black cherry duck…Hmm, I wonder if the Fairy Godfather is a chef…The Fairy Godmother looks like she eats well, uh well, no, I mean she looks satisfied, not fat or anything. Come to think of it, did Cinderella ever get to eat anything before she had to run off before midnight? Wasn’t she too busy dancing…

      1. Your “worst poems” huh?? I don’t think you’ve ever written a bad poem, it’s probably not even possible for you to write a bad poem. Now me on the other hand. I have this problem of sounding whiney sometimes when i write, like a lovesick teenager or something and it drives me crazy. It’s pretty embarrassing actually and probably why i don’t write as much as i might like to. Who wants to read my “oh woe is me” or “Life’s not fair, wah wah” poems??? So lately i’ve been trying to write when i’m inspired by happier moments or more ummm ‘excitable’ type moments (like my confession poem).
        I like aged cheeses and banana cream pie and pastrami too. I’ve never ate duck before, i’ve heard it’s like chicken but oilier. Of course when ever you ask someone what something tastes like they say it tastes like chicken. My son ate alligator with my parents and he said that tasted like chicken. Every morning i make him a pastrami-wrap for lunch at school, it’s his favorite. It’s more like a burrito than a wrap i suppose…it has pastrami, shredded cheddar cheese and mayo in it and i fold it like a burrito.
        I don’t remember if Cinderella ever got anything to eat, i think she WAS too busy dancing, of course if she’s anything like me that wouldn’t be too much of a problem. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and getting a coffee cup of ice cream or a cup of yogurt. I don’t know what’s going on with the night time snacking thing…I need more willpower. Just say no to midnight snacks! hehe

  2. i cry alone
    when its quiet,
    i try to hide my tears
    from the world’s view but
    i’ll cry with you
    if you’ll pull me
    close to you

    i’m scared of the dark
    but dearest i bet
    i could be be brave with you-
    just hold me close
    it’ll be ok

    will you come to me?
    ’cause i don’t want
    to cry anymore

    i’ve cried alone
    for so long
    and my shyness,
    all my fears
    weigh me down

    please come to me,
    come with me
    to find what is missing
    ’cause i dream too

    all about you.

    1. You have a lot of poetic comments that could be used for your poems. I’m trying to see how you could use them. I’ll add them to your stuff as I can get the essence of them and speculate a little.

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