Could It Be You Love Me? (Draft 1)

Could It Be You Love Me?

[Thanks to Archana’s “What” for the inspiration to begin this poem.]

Could It Be You Love Me? (Draft 1)

I don’t know why you would
follow me out onto the tight rope.

You scare me
more than me
with questions of sacrifice

What will I do
if you fall

I have the balance bar. I will lead you back
after the catch of us, and I
will give you your own balance beam.

Next time catch me, or
on windy days we
can take the rope bridge.

The other side can wait for crossing.
Today there is a picnic.

But before we eat,
I have prayers
and questions

about Love
about Balance

But maybe not today.
The day is
too warm, and you
too precious for philosophy

eat please
and fall in Love

today there is
a picnic and a kiss.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Could It Be You Love Me? (Draft 1)

  1. ummm yes…I love this and I don’t know why this made me blush, but it did (each time i read it). I suppose because i’m silly enough to do something like that…follow you onto a tight rope, knowing that i have a fear of falling and that it would probably impact my tight rope walking skills. But being brave is one of my specialties so i’d probably be fine. Yeah, i suppose a balance beam would be a little safer option and maybe a better learning tool for a beginner like me. The tightrope walking reminds me of how i used to think it would be so exciting to run off and join the circus – I already know how to juggle, i’d probably fit right in. Of course, i think that really only happens in movies. I doubt they let people just “join” the circus these days. It’s probably more like a job, you’d have to apply and be hired and in this economy i doubt even the circus is doing very much hiring…
    i liked the rope bridge, the prayers and questions, Love and Balance and the “too precious for philosophy”. A picnic and a kiss sounds like the perfect day…

    1. Thanks. You’re welcome on my tight rope any time. Great comment. I love how you can always get a feel for what I’m saying. Always such positive and encouraging feedback. Thanks.

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