Leap (Draft 1)

Leap (Draft 1)

[So now I have lots of first drafts and no finish… maybe something will consolidate…]
So lonely is my fish bowl
and the circle of the swim
is limited to me wondering.

I leap where I can not breathe
because my love calls

Into an outer space
with faith I find a puddle

My love calls
and I leap for freedom
fall into a container of salvation
bottled water on a god’s truck
journey to the sea

When the ocean is near
I leap into a universe of water

I can breathe at last
in an endless sea
where she waits
to swim with me

I dance because intertwined
there is a school of spirals here
and we are so fluid in
currents of endless twist
and freedom hugs us
for just a moment, for
it would not restrict
a gurgle of joy in a
confluence of love

— Douglas Gilbert


12 thoughts on “Leap (Draft 1)

  1. I love this! I didn’t even see it a little bit ago when i came back to put the link for the video on your other poem but i wish i had seen it then. I like that commercial even more now. Your poem has me feeling all warm and happy…such a brave leap for the hero. I love the “into an outer space with faith i find a puddle” and the “I can breathe at last in an endless sea where she waits to swim with me”, oh, and the ending with “confluence of love”. I bet my dreams will be swimmingly perfect tonight falling asleep thinking of journeys as grand as this…

  2. Thanks very much. I just wrote a long comment here but it doesn’t seem to be here. Geez, usually when I write something long here, I copy it as I go along and wouldn’t you know it, this time I forgot. I don’t remember what I said. Something about how abstract this poem is and I wonder what I would have done if I had seen the commercial before writing this. Hmm, don’t know if I had said much… (but like the “fish that got away” I’d like to think it was big… OK, before I hit the post button, let me copy this… select all… copy… paste into word pad… OK I have a scrap copy… and now I push the post button….

    1. OK. it seems to be here even if I’m not all there or here. Guess I can delete my scrap copy. Don’t suppose I need to copy this. Nah… I’ll take my chances…post(yeah, you would post well when I’m saying nothing)… click

    2. I hate it when that happens when i’m writing a comment. It’s happened to me a few times on here. I guess i should start copying my comments too if they start getting lengthy. I wonder if wordpress has a secret stash of lost comments that it stole when people tried to post them. “The lost Comments” file database or something like that.

      1. OK. I think I remember something: running with the salmon reminds me of the ugly duckling story and the swans. The commercial is more about seeking achievement and my abstract one is seeking love I suppose.

      2. OK. I’ll copy my other comment from the other post and maybe I can start to get organized:
        “Wow. That commercial is great. I had forgotten a lot. The fact that it goes with the salmon is sort of like the ugly duckling story with the swans. I didn’t remember that the fish was watching TV at the beginning. I guess it’s because I usually ignore the beginning of a commercial but if it’s good I get involved in the middle. I do the same on radio — I’m not paying attention at the beginning. So a lot of times, if the beginning is vital, I don’t understand the punch line. There have been some where they try to pack in too much information in the opening. This one is great wherever you start paying attention.”
            Gee, obviously I’m mixed up about what I said where. OK, so that was not the lost comment. Hmmm….

  3. giggling…i’m mixed up half the time. Apparently i can’t count past one. I was looking for these bowls at work and my boss said that he knew he had bought two extra bowls. So i’m standing in the dish room looking at the bowls counting them. One, one…”nope, there’s only one” I say. Of course i’m standing there looking at two of them…after a minute it registered that there was in fact, two bowls. So i was like “Umm nevermind, there ARE two…” duh…hehe. I swear i’m such a scatterbrain sometimes. But then i started thinking about it on a deeper, metaphorical level. Why would i do that?? Maybe it wasn’t that i didn’t see both of them, maybe it’s that there was only ONE that i wanted and so the other ones don’t even register anymore. Of course at that point of thought i don’t think i was even thinking about bowls anymore. And now i realized that i just went on this huge spiel about bowls/not bowls and have probably bored you out of your mind or maybe you think i have lost mine, so i should probably apologize to you…i’m sorry! This bowl gets kind of lonely sometimes and ramble on about the silliest of things…

    1.     Yes, there’s lots of possibilities for conceptualizing bowls. How many pairs of blue bowls are there? Then there is the looking and thinking: one blue bowl, one meadow with a blue bird, one tedious blue bowl, one meadow with a blue bird, one blue bird, one meadow, one scene. There’s only one. Why would anyone want an extra blue bird. Isn’t one meadow, one blue bird sufficient. Yes, one bowl and one bowl, one meadow. One, one, one, one, one… “What was that question… um, yes, the answer is “One”. And lots of other stuff the subconscious can do… there’s a long list, I think — things like “passive aggression” and self-sabotage, things that force escape from an annoying situation. And if one has a bowl of cherries the other one becomes invisible. Maybe only one bowl of happiness. It’s hard to count when a bowl keeps making itself invisible.
          No, watching thoughts is not silly. There’s even a digital math for it. If you have one switch that will turn on a particular light and another switch that will also turn on that light then you have an “OR” circuit. So they state the math as :
      1 OR 0 equals 1
      0 OR 1 equals 1
      1 OR 1 equals 1
      Either switch or both will turn on the light.

      And just to confuse it more, they use the symbol “+” for the word OR.
      1 + 0 = 1
      0 + 1 = 1
      1 + 1 = 1

      For cherries, either bowl will do.

      1. i’d like one,
        a bowl of cherries
        with my blue bird,
        happiness in a meadow
        life being a song
        a breeze.

        just one-
        one bowl of cherries and
        one blue bird for me
        just one is all i want,
        one bowl of happiness
        in one meadow
        with one blue bird
        who shares cherries
        with me.

      2. That’s really interesting about the digital math. So in a way i WAS correct if 1+1=1. Odd and interesting indeed, it makes me wonder what other thoughts that i thought were completely silly are actually in theory not so silly after all. Those invisible bowls are tricky…it does make counting so much harder.

  4. Oh i meant to say some other stuff in my reply earlier but i got carried away with bowls. I didn’t remember the part about the fish watching TV in the beginning either but i guess that acts as a background story as to why the fish would head off on a journey to begin with. I know what you mean, it reminds me of the ugly duckling story too. I always loved that story…poor duckling, at least it finally found a place where it belonged. Oh wait i just thought of a long comment you left that i haven’t replied to yet. I think i got sidetracked by your newer poem and hadn’t gone back to comment on it yet. Maybe it’s the one you’re thinking of that is lost. I’ll go find it.

    1. That’s OK. Maybe you were bowled over…It reminds me of Ernie on Sesame Street and how he resolved a problem… I think he was trying to make a point about odd numbers or something. So he has 5 jelly beans(or some other food). He says, “One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me.” Now he’s laid out on the table, two on one side and two on the other side. But he’s still holding one jelly bean in his hand. He looks puzzled for a minute and then just eats it.

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