Fishing For An Idea (Draft 1)

Fishing For Ideas (Draft 1)

So sad is Mother Nature,
baby ideas come and go

We watch all our little creatures
trying to swim in the race for us,
not even knowing we were sponsors,
but we cried for them
however small they might have been, because
sometimes it is difficult
to swim in a drop of despair.

I cry when the rain is like tears in a fish bowl, and
we are so many who don’t have
lungs of expression and
can’t leap out
even for a minute of flopping

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Fishing For An Idea (Draft 1)

  1. I love your Idea Fishing…It IS difficult to swim in a drop of despair because even though it seems like just a drop at first, soon you are swimming against waves of despair and being pushed in and out with the tide and for a small fish it must take a lot of strength just to keep on swimming…but i suppose if they’re able to keep on swimming eventually they win the race or at least cross a finish line and end up exactly where they’ve always belonged, even if they didn’t even know that’s where they belonged to begin with. hmmm, i don’t know exactly where that thought came from and i’m not sure there are actually waves in a fish bowl…

    1. Yes I can see that metaphor and picture. There was once a great TV commercial that showed a fish jumping out of a fish bowl and making it’s way to the ocean… I forget now the details but it was very emotional… Hmm, … haven’t seen it any more. Well, I guess that makes sense not to show it anymore because I don’t remember what product they were selling which would be their purpose. Odd that I can’t remember it though: maybe because the emotion was so strong and I felt silly reacting that way… I think it jumped from place to place where it could find puddles of water or other containers of water until it could reach the ocean. I think maybe it was something like jumping into a container of water on the back of a truck and hitching a ride for a while and then jumping into another container to go further etc. I think it made it’s way through a city… In a couple of minutes it had a whole adventure…

      1. I remember that, i loved that commercial too! I can’t remember what it was for either but it was a very emotional commercial. I just searched trying to find it ’cause it’s going to drive me nuts trying to remember what it was for now. But i must be typing in the wrong search words or something because it’s not finding the commercial. I know it has to be somewhere on the internet. I think it may have been one of those commercials that they show for the first time during the Super Bowl.
        Trout, that’s who i was thinking of in my first comment. Aren’t they the fish who make a big journey swimming upstream in a river from the ocean?

      1. Yay, i found it! And i liked it just as much this time when i saw it.

        You were right, it was on public television. I don’t know why i thought Super bowl…

    2. Wow. That commercial is great. I had forgotten a lot. The fact that it goes with the salmon is sort of like the ugly duckling story with the swans. I didn’t remember it watching TV at the beginning. I guess it’s because I usually ignore the beginning of a commercial but if it’s good I get involved in the middle. I do the same on radio — I’m not paying attention at the beginning. So a lot of times, if the beginning is vital, I don’t understand the punch line. There have been some where they try to pack in too much information in the opening. This one is great wherever you start paying attention.

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