Drifting and Getting Lost for nothing. Attending to the flock or something

I was looking at one of the wordpress articles on how they determine which blog to feature on freshly pressed. I came across the blog The Frailest Thing and I looked at Why Did Curiosity’s Landing Generate So Much Attention?, then I looked around for “Literature and Poetry” or something and found The Smart Phone In The Garden, Part Two where I got totally confused but found some ideas I thought I could talk about. I thought I was relating it to comments at Attentional Austerity. But apparently I’m saying things (as usual) that are irrelevant and off topic. Oh well, I never seem to have a place to put anything. I read something and think to myself “and so…”. Then I go off on a tangent alone. So this on “Attentional Austerity”:

Attending to the flock. Comment on “Attentional Austerity”.

    About someone with attention problems: Attending to the flock. Grass is austere. I could see how they might get his attention and goat alright. I imagine a far off shepherd living the pastoral ideal, hearing the beeping-cry of civilization, imagine him letting the village elders, who are living in the shadow of the wolf with newly installed solar panel fields and brand-spanking new Don Quixote turbines, cajol him into connecting to the internet without a staff but with a credit card.
    Putting aside a shearling, he begins to click on everything. He seems to know the provenance of fine paintings, rugs, and wine, but is a little confused by some intriguing items that he nevertheless orders. He spends most of his day reading, clicking, ordering while the Don Quixote spins, and the antique spinning wheel gathers spider webs. He becomes absorbed by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Celestial Railroad” and begins to be afraid.
    At the howl of a wolf, he looks up finally at his wife. She asks, “What have you done?”
    He fears she will announce he has become possessed by an evil force or at best by an obsession that neglects her. “What?” he says sheepishly.
    “Why are you dressing the sheep in dog sweaters and feeding them from cans?”
    “Uh, well, it was on sale, and why shouldn’t the sheep benefit from civilization even if they can’t read?”
    “Well,” she says, “apparently you can’t read.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “You’ve gotten cans of dog food and well… You’ve dressed the sheep in wool coats and fed them lamb stew.”
    From that day on, the shepherd focused his attention on shearing. But his wife didn’t mind the beautiful shearling coat he bought her with a click.

— Douglas Gilbert
Bah humbug. This didn’t work out very well. I didn’t even make a point.

Anyway, so I wasted a lot of time on this and got nowhere. I should have just used the energy to write another poem or something….

6 thoughts on “Drifting and Getting Lost for nothing. Attending to the flock or something

  1. I think it worked out great! It doesn’t have to make a point to be considered interesting or good…I’ll comment more after i get home from work.

  2. Ok, i’m back. I know that wasn’t directly after work but i have some attention problems myself. A few of my baby fish died so i cleaned the tank with my gravel vacuum and added the de-chlor stuff and some aquarium salt (apparently Mollies like a little salt and most of the babies that have died were the mollies…hopefully it helps them out some). Then i was hungry so i decided to grill the burgers i bought at the grocery yesterday but i had get the grill ready and then had to make the broccoli and macaroni and cheese as side dishes to go with it. Then the kitchen needed to be cleaned. Then our dog needed to be walked and there’s this cute puppy who tries to follow us home every time we walk past its house. My kiddo has to ride his bike back and forth, up and down the street until the pup gets tired from chasing him and decides to stay at its house. I’ve been a little weirded out during my walks lately because some crazy lady i’ve never even seen before was driving down the road in her huge white SUV and screamed some obscene words at me last week while we were walking and now i feel like i have some unknown enemy that doesn’t like me and i feel like i have to keep looking over my shoulder during the walks.
    Anyway, I like your comment/prose. I had to catch up a little, clicking on the links, reading those and then i found the frailest railroad and started reading it but then i thought maybe i should go back and read that later on because all of the reading is kind of making me sleepy and i wanted to comment on this. I think it does have a point…i mean, for one; you should not turn the sheep into cannibals by feeding them lamb stew. Even if the sheep don’t know the difference i’m sure that there could be negative consequences to that. But i did giggle a little from the image of a sheep in a wool coat eating lamb stew. He sounds like a good shepherd who was just sucked in to the internet for a bit (which happens easily clicking from one link to the next). Good thing his wife alerted him to the problems with the things he was buying, and i’m sure she did enjoy her gift from him although i bet she was even happier to have her husband back to his normal self again.
    Gosh, i’m so tired and re-reading my comment i feel like i should just delete it because a lot of it is just my rambling on but i think i’ll just leave it. I’m too tired to think of anything better to say right now. Hope you’re doing good!

  3.     Nature is so sad, baby ideas come and go, we watch our all our little creatures trying to swim in the race for us, not even knowing we were sponsors, but we cried for them however small they might have been because sometimes it is difficult to swim in a drop of despair. I cry when the rain is like tears in a fish bowl, because we are so many who don’t have the lungs of expression and can’t leap out even for a minute of flopping.
        Walking broccoli into a burger scene seems like a good savory idea. People at a distance can be nuts: I was once walking our dog and practicing the training that she had learned at a school for dogs. Nothing that spectacular: just “sit, stay, heel…”. “Heel” just meant stay at my side and don’t run after a cat or squirrel or person and we are fine and OK right here — no need to run off etc. It was more like “I love you more than a cat” than being angry at her, but some woman across the street yelled at me, “Leave the poor dog alone” or some such. I crossed the street because I wanted to show her what a sweet dog we had, and I wanted to explain… but she was very afraid of the dog and I didn’t continue. She was such kind dog and we were teaching her not to jump on strangers even if she just wanted to say hello. She loved everyone and would never bite. I wanted her to pet the dog and see how happy she was, but that never happened…
        Thanks, I like your rambles. Sorry about venting with all the links. It’s just that I was going to do this and that and this and that. But without writing something no one would ever know that I even tried to say something and would never know I was even here in spirit and was going to say something. Or would have said something if I had finished a thought. So I thought I should at least mark my territory like a dog does, um, so to speak, metaphorically, um, woof. Anyway, there are things I would have said with all kinds of intellectual references and footnotes but in the meantime I had to say something to hold a place and say, “to be continued” when there is a “song in my heart” and I can figure out what key I should be in. Sometimes, when one is thinking, one note doesn’t sound like a song but there are many birds… Huh? Never mind, I’m working on a melody… sometimes thoughts are hard to hear…

    1. Is this the missing comment? I meant to come back to this one. I wonder why that lady was so afraid? I mean, she was just taking up for the dog why wouldn’t she let it get close to her? Your dog sounds like a sweet dog, that’s how ours is, she just loves everyone, although her jumping is more limited to people she knows, she’s a little leery of strangers but warms up pretty quickly. My parents got a new puppy not too long ago, he is SO cute. It makes me want another one but i guess our one dog is enough for now. I like your metaphorical woof and marking of territory…hehehe… I’m glad you put all the links, it gave me a chance to see the background and read the comments. Birds always seem to have the best songs. There’s a couple of pairs of golden finches that come to finch feeder. They’re so used to me that a lot of times they don’t even fly off if i open the door. If they do fly off i hear them in the tree chirping and singing at me. It sounds really pretty but i bet they’re just saying “Hey can you please go back inside so we can finish our dinner?”. But anyway, i think the songs from your heart are always beautiful…

      1. Thanks. After I rambled here it gave me the idea for the new poem, and so then I went there. The finches sound smart but the finches were avoiding pinches because they know how cute they are. And often times, though kids have cheeks and birds have plump feathers, neither likes to be pinched or plucked for luck. I don’t suppose rosey birds have rosy cheeks, nor do rosy cheeked kids have feathers all the time. But both can fly…

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