Bearing Witness Bearing Burdens

Bearing Witness Bearing Burdens

Savages in the cabin
ripped its heart apart,
left nearly nothing
but sorrow and dregs.

Savages in the cabin
smashed to pieces
every stick of stove
strut of bed, left

nearly nothing but
spread in beer and urine,
footprints on the windows.

Oh Mother of infamy
with children in crime

in drinking my
100 autumn beers,
could you have
at least left a bed.

Though Norwegian krones are dear
you and your cronies scouted my cabin
for marshmallows
for honey and for beer

Infamous deeds
I will testify
to these indeed:
costly damage
smashed appliances

How sad to see
footprints on the windows
and honey on the beer

Oh dear,
Mothers in Finnmarken
have you taught your
cub scouts how to find beer?

My cabin in Jarfjord is destroyed
for honey and for beer, so I ask:
why don’t bears carry money
or manners or bear credit cards

If I must bear witness I will
until there is bare justice

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Bearing Witness Bearing Burdens

  1. Final draft turned out very nice, all polished up and perfect! I like the “autumn” It fits the time of year since everyone seems to be pushing their autumn beer again now. Excellent.

    1. Thanks very much. I’m glad I kept going and fixed the spots that were annoying me. I kept thinking: something’s not quite right, but what? Oh do I really need this? etc. It’s hard to give up something and re-arrange. Yeah, it’s a shame that the Norwegian cabin owner stocked up the cabin for the autumn, not expecting any guests…

    1. Hmm. It looks like they’ll have to open up a school for bears and maybe the graduates will get free plane tickets to a better hunting ground. They’d probably prefer gourmet au natural[don’t know the French spelling] to a garbage dump or kitchen table with napkins… Suppose they should be teaching them wild-manners and how to see the forest from the house and go there for a meal… The townspeople are finding it hard to bear… don’t want to grin-and-bear-it… Funny how the commenters focused on the fact that they used the wrong stock photo of a bear. Despite that mistake, the story was probably Ok. People like ah-hah found a mistake I suppose…. Oh, OK, found it’s au naturel or maybe not — looks strange compared to how I’ve heard it pronounced; well anyway, i don’t think bears speak French very well or with the correct accent… hmm, I suppose the ones in Canada should be tri-lingual — wonder if it’s a requirement…

      1. “grin and bear it”…ha! Yeah, i’m pretty sure it would be a lot healthier for the bears if they were catching their dinner in the forest or rivers…i wonder if over-development of the area took their hunting grounds so they had to rely on the dump for food? Or maybe they just liked the way leftover people food tasted better and it was an easier meal for them? Even the bears have gotten lazy, hehe…I guess a Bear Modeling school to teach them proper manners would be helpful. If they’re going to be going to people’s houses and sitting in their yards begging, they need to be able to say “please” and “thank you” in at least one language although being tri-lingual would be even better.
        I notice that kind of stuff quite often in the yahoo comments. It’s like everyone focuses on the one mistake they happened to find in the article and that’s all they think about after that. It’s like the rest of the article is irrelevant after a mistake is found. Although Yahoo does sometimes need to proofread or double check their pics a little better. I was thinking about what you said in your other reply, that people from a distance can be nuts. I think that also applies to a lot of those comments i read on articles. People say some of the meanest, most hateful things on the internet but i bet if you were face to face with that same person they’d never say those types of things. That lady who yelled at me will probably never actually confront me face to face with her “potty mouth”. So i guess i shouldn’t be too worried about it. I just wish she hadn’t said that stuff in front of my son who i try not to cuss in front of.
        Eeek, i just noticed what time it was…gotta go!

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