Bearing Witness Bearing Burdens (Draft 5)

Bearing Witness Bearing Burdens (Draft 5)

[This is a rough draft of something based on The Local
I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it. It’s become a little too mild and vague maybe]

Oh Mothers of infamy
with children in crime

Though Norwegian krones are dear
you and your cronies scouted my cabin
for marshmallows
for honey and for beer

Infamous deeds
I will testify
to these indeed:
costly damage
smashed appliances

How sad to see
footprints on the windows
and honey on the beer

Oh dear,
Mothers in Finnmarken
have you taught your
cub scouts how to find beer?

My cabin in Jarfjord is destroyed
for honey and for beer, so I ask:
why don’t bears carry money
or manners or bear credit cards

If I must bear witness I will
until there is bare justice

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Bearing Witness Bearing Burdens (Draft 5)

  1. I love it! The whole story reminded me of a backwards/switched around goldilocks and the three bears. This part made me giggle:
    “why don’t bears carry money
    or manners or bear credit cards”
    Their credit cards could be called Bearican Express…hehehe (I know, cheesy, right?!) Apparently bears like to party, maybe they’re getting bored with the occasional picnic basket (like Yogi) and moved on to whole cabins. Anyway, i’m always amazed at how easily you seem to write such great poems. Wonderful, once again!

  2. Thanks. I think “Bearican Express” is good: American & then there was the “Berrigan” bears I think which was another character. Hmm, I made another draft but now I’m wondering if it’s an improvement or if I should have stayed with this one. The new one has a mixed tone that maybe doesn’t match. But maybe I could add “party & picnic” some how. I don’t know. Doesn’t seem right yet.
        That’s interesting because everyone was referring to Goldilocks but then I was wondering why I was getting confused. I forgot that it was Goldilocks who was the vandal and perpetrator… I was so focused on the bears that I kept wondering — now wait, what is it that the bears are supposed to do about choosing the right bed and the correct bowl of porridge — so I dropped it because I was totally confused and didn’t remember that it was Goldilocks who was making the choices.

  3. I always liked Goldilocks – she knew what she liked. Not too hard, not too soft, but just right…I don’t think she meant any harm, she was hungry and just needed a good place to take a nap…hehe. Bears seem to be in the news an awful lot lately…not too long ago there was a momma bear who saved a hiker from a mountain lion that attacked him. Maybe she hoped he would bring her some beer for saving him.–abc-news-topstories.html

  4. Oh, I have exciting news, my fish had babies! Lots of them! Tiny little black mollies. I’m pretty sure my orange platy is pregnant too. I’m going to have to find homes for all these little fish. Did you know that baby fish are called “fry”? I didn’t until just a little bit ago. I had to buy a container to keep them safe in the tank so they don’t become dinner for the other fish.

    1.     Holy moly, Good Golly Ms. Molly. Oh, now I understand why King Neptune says never give frying pans as wedding gifts. Congratulations.
          Yeah, we get into a lot of trouble with our language because over time our words come from many different languages and the spellings and sound overlap so you can get the same spelling for two words that came from different origins. My paper dictionary says that this “fry” comes from an Old Norse word meaning seed. The middle English, French, and Latin words are with the cooking idea. But by the time it gets into English it’s fry, fry, and fry all from different sources. Yeah, you can see the influence: the Norwegian bears preferred beer and marshmallows when they could get it. When they’re fishing in a stream, they turn to English poetry: sometimes you hear them singing under a waterfall. They have a nice operatic voice but it’s a little guttural, and they rarely bring an orchestra with them — yeah, if they’re breaking into cabins, they must be poor…

      1. Eeek – I suppose a frying pan would be in very bad taste then. I’ve heard that our language is one of the most complicated ones to learn as a second language because of all of the words that sound or are spelled the same but mean different things…not to mention all the suffixs and prefixs and other technicalities. That’s neat about the Old Norse meaning of seed. It kind of goes along with birth and life…

        hmmm, i’m about to leave to go to the fair with my parents and my son…i wonder if there will be any singing bears there? Well even if there’s no bears i bet there will be fried oreo cookies. I tried those a few months ago and have been thinking about them ever since. They’re SO bad for you, but oh so good. I guess it’s a good thing there’s only like 4 of them in a serving…It would be easy to over-do it and get a tummy ache.

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