The Laugh of the Night

The Laugh of the Night

The blessed child is the after-laugh.
Oh such a giggle rainbow, colors that grow
in many modal drawings of love,
in crayons, in finger paints, in ink, in
the paint of explosive jello
and the wiggle of love with cosmic pen
writing in the streak of laughing stars.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “The Laugh of the Night

  1. This makes me feel all giggly and warm with happiness from the jiggle of words that tickle and refresh after the stress of a long day spent so lonesome. I don’t think there’s much more that anyone could ask for. I like the jello, i was wondering what you’d come up with to fill in the blank from your comment, it somehow fits absolutely perfectly.

    1. Thanks. Yeah I’m glad I left it blank and kept going and then came back to it. Sometimes it helps to finish the general thrust of something before filling in the details. If I had concentrated on the missing word I probably would have forgotten the rest.

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