Timid Whistling On Mars (Draft 1)

Timid Whistling On Mars

Oh my murdered friend,
have whistles yet
been blown for you?
Are none of
your secrets heard?

Oh by your grave
no one knows where
the weather balloons are.

How many years must
methane blow
before life is revealed?

The answer’s on Mars
and not in the stars, and
there’s a timid whistle in the wind.

Oh how many years ago
was it heard that you
were murdered
for secrets more precious than you?

Oh I don’t believe that
you were blowing in the wind,
oh I believe you were whistling
truth’s precious tune.

How many years must
methane blow
before life is revealed.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist
to know which way the whistle blows
’cause everybody knows
there’s life on Mars.

Oh my murdered friend,
have whistles yet
been blown for you?
Are none of
your secrets heard?

If you think there were
weather balloons over Roswell,
wait ’til you see them on Mars,
’cause artifacts will not be denied,
and whistle blowers are
waiting in the wings.

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Timid Whistling On Mars (Draft 1)

  1. I like the new poem…I’ve been following some of the curiosity rover news, i wonder what it will find.
    ugg i just somehow erased my whole comment and i was almost finished. I had a whole paragraph. I don’t even know how i did it. Anyway i’ll try to remember what i wrote. I was saying that there must be something about Mars because they keep going back there again and again. I just hope they don’t step on any toes or anything because they didn’t exactly extend a friendly welcome to the poor fellow in the Roswell photos. Those always make me feel sad…and then someone will be like “why does it make you sad, it’s a hoax” Well, hoax or not, it’s still sad…
    I liked the ending with the weather balloons, artifacts and whistle blower in the wings. I wonder what whistles blown will reveal?
    I meant to comment on this last night before i went to bed – but i was so sleepy nothing was making sense and my belly was aching so i decided to just wait til morning.

    1.     It seems impossible to tell what the truth is. The only thing that is for certain is that the government lies. In 1947 a saucer shaped craft crashed in Roswell. The local townspeople and ranchers saw it. The local newspaper published the news. The local newpaper called the airforce base and they CONFIRMED that it was true. Then when the paper tried to send the information over the AP newswire it was blocked. Next, new orders were sent to the base to hold a news conference. At the news conference they said that it was a “Weather Balloon” that had crashed. Obvious lie. It’s been lies and disinformation ever since. Sometimes they have people put out false information and when someone takes the bait all kinds of rumors proliferate and then later on they can ridicule anyone trying to find the truth because it’s all mixed up with silly stuff.

    2. It’s going to be a few weeks before they finish setting up and testing the equipment and we can see useful results. They’ve only shown a few test photo’s so far. The last time they said there were plumes of methane gas. There was a theory that life forms underground must have produced the methane. But then then they managed to find all kinds of exotic chemical reactions that could produce methane without there being any life. So they pooh poo’ed it all, and said “oh no, we can’t announce life yet.” Then they ruled out each of the possible poo-poo chemical reactions. Now they say that this new rover will be able to tell the difference between methane produced by life forms and methane produced by chemical reactions having nothing to do with life.
          I think the results will be predictable. After a few months it will be something like this:
      Q: “Is there life on Mars?”
      A: “Maybe.”
      I don’t think they ever want to admit there’s life anywhere but on Earth. If there’s abundant life all over the galaxy then it will invalidate Earth religions and they’re afraid of that. I mean, some advanced civilization on another planet is going to have their own history, their own prophets, their own understanding. It’s probably not going to agree with anything we think we know. On Earth, advanced civilizations have always riduiculed “primitive” native people’s beliefs and religions. We are going to look primitive to someone if they exist.

      1. Hmmm, I just realized something. The best thing would be to have a visit from a representative from the Planet Silly. Maybe that’s the problem: we have to wait for space aliens with a sense of humor. They’ve all been too serious and scary to be believable. I think that would work: a commedianne landing on the White House lawn. “People of the Earth, laugh. We have come to tickle you…”

      2. The new picture from today showed something on the horizon and then two hours later it wasn’t there. They said it could be debris or something but that would be an incredible coincidence. It’s all pretty fascinating if you ask me. Yeah the government and their lies make no sense. I read a humorous Onion article once about “condescending” aliens who made fun of the humans about everything until they saw a picture of a jet ski (which they were amazed by).
        Oh, If i were able to choose, i would like to pick the representative from Planet Silly. I could really use a good tickle right now, in fact, think we all could.

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