Toast of the Morning (2)

Toast of the Morning (2)

Ocean seen
in swoosh scene, these

Chickadees and me
poetry on balcony; there

their music charms. They
break the night yoke
with tweety foam

sweet sunrise eggs over easy,
tea with cream of the morning

I wave at the day
like a splash

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Toast of the Morning (2)

  1. I love it! Poetry on a balcony poetry for me to read on a balcony…wait what?! Did I make any sense with what i just said? I think it did, i’ll just go with it. I’m pretty sure half of the time i don’t make sense anyway and i’ve just gotten used to it so i don’t know when i’m making sense or not. hehe…Anyway I took a picture of the view for you, i put it on my page. I love chickadees too…they’re such cute little birds. Tweety foam…i like that and the wave at the day like a splash…a nice oceany finish. The not-so-little anymore one (he comes up to my nose now!) is already begging to get down to the beach or pool. My ‘river otter’ loves the ocean…

    1. Poetry-on-a-balcony type poetry for you to read on a balcony. Yeah makes sense — where else would one read it. Well, I suppose you could stand on a rock by the ocean and say, “This seaweed covered rock would be my balcony on the ocean, but it is too slippery to fall for, and I’ve already paid for my hotel room with a rock solid balcony.” Yeah, you got it — just a matter of minor punctuation or something…

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