Reply to Sharmishtha Basu in the Thursday Post which quotes translation of Sanskrit:
“When the sage becomes aware that his goal is getting God not collecting wealth and luxury items and keeps that awareness alive his wisdom is called stable.”– translation by Sharmishtha Basu.
etherealheights July 26, 2012

The sage’s appetite mushrooms.
He has shallots, mushrooms, hazelnuts
and has bread and beard trimmed

He has parsley, but
he is starving to death
waiting for God, because

he will not eat
when the sage is missing

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Sage

  1. You are so wise. I think that’s why i’m always so impressed when i read your poetry. It’s not only because you’re smart or the beauty of your words. Your words carry a wisdom, a knowing maybe? Anyway, this is superb, as always. I’m not sure how i missed it yesterday morning when i signed on, i don’t think my reader showed it for some reason. But i’m sitting on the balcony, reading poetry and listening to the ocean…what could be a better way to start the day?! Well, i guess i could think of a few things…but this is nearly perfect.

    1. [trying to edit this comment. hope it works]
          Thanks very much. I feel more puzzled than wise. I’ve always wanted to use the two meanings of “sage”: wise and spice. This seemed like the right opportunity. Maybe I just stumble on wisdom rocks and take so much time trying to tend to my bruised knee that I don’t remember where the rock was and I’m too annoyed and angry to go back to the babbling brook where the rock was.
          Hmm, the balcony, sounds peaceful and I think of Juliet when I hear “balcony”. I was curious to find rhymes but nothing interesting occurred. I found some partial things: “harmony, chickadee, recipe, symphony, tee-hee”. I don’t know what chickadees are except I heard W.C. Fields mention it in a movie as an affectionate term. The dictionary says the name is an imitation of the sound they make…. Chickadees and me, sitting on the balcony, reading poetry before breakfast and my stomach growls, “eggs easy over”, but the ocean says hush,..(nah)… or a wave says… [well that came to a dead end]
          Sage has a wonderful smell but somehow I never seem to use it correctly. I experimented a few times with powdered sage but ruined whatever I was making… everything came out terrible tasting. Well for that spice I guess I should only use established recipes and not try to make up my own until I have some kind of instinct for it. It’s kind of odd: I find remembering a taste well enough to know how to combine it with another in my imagination is too difficult for some spices — if I taste a little on my tongue, it doesn’t seem like it would go with anything. Something like onion you can always say, “aha, a little onion would make this better…” or salt or sugar… I guess those are strong instincts and why we get into trouble with those. I don’t think I’ll ever say, “aha, sage.” Hmmm, someone should name a dog, “Sage”; here Sage, come Sage, fetch Sage, good dog Sage, how’s my little Sage. Wonder if it’s wise to pet a sage…
          …and the ocean says shuss and hush.. ‘clam up?’.. the tides will turn up a treasure maybe
      Chickadees and me
      sitting on balcony; there
      ocean waves’ music — they
      break the night yoke with poetry

      sunrise eggs over easy,
      tea with cream of the morning

      I wave at the day
      like a splash

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