Going Off

If You’re Going Off

Have you flown on
like a feather in a whisper?
Maybe you’ve gone off.

If you’ve gone to seek a beach,
take the care road to the shells
and toe in the water to

listen for an ocean sound, but
if there’d be rain, let it be musical:
a pitter-clap and applause.

If be there sun
let it not burn though

if there be fog
let the fog horn be
triumphant like a fanfare, but

I’m not sure what do about the grasshoppers —
maybe chocolate.
(not sure if grasshoppers like chocolate)

For every whisper, a breeze;
for every breeze, a sail;
for every sail, a ship;
for every ship, a destination.

For a destination
me and a tickle.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Going Off

  1. Love it, it’s great! I like the addition of the feather in a whisper in the beginning and the tickle at the end, it seems to connect the whole poem together somehow. I’m excited, we’ll be leaving after we eat lunch for a grand adventure! It was supposed to be after we ate breakfast…but i still haven’t finished packing. Geez! It seems to take me forever to get anything accomplished lately.

    1. Thanks very much. Ah, wonderful to launch the grand adventure after lunch — it must be the right timing since I just noticed the “u” can be added to lunch, unless I misspelled something. But anyway I’m sure the spell of happiness will work. Yes, it’s difficult to pack everything… Enjoy.

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