Well, that’s weird: Stats: Country of Origin — Permission Denied

Hmmm, I’ve never heard of that country, “Permission Denied”.  Odd that they don’t want to be seen on the World Map.  I don’t think I’ve ever applied for a passport to go to the country of “Permission Denied”. And I don’t think I’ve ever insulted the country of “Permission Denied”. Well, OK, if I did insult them, I’d be curious to hear their side of the story. They might be quite charming.  Though considering the mystery and intrigue I think I should interview possible candidates for ambassdor to “Permission Denied”.  I need a very skilled diplomat because I’ll admit that I sometimes lose my temper, but I’m sure my new ambassador will not.  I’m not sure where to start. But I don’t think it’ll be anywhere near as difficult as negotiating with the Martians.  Now that was hard….


6 thoughts on “Well, that’s weird: Stats: Country of Origin — Permission Denied

  1. (giggling) I’ve never heard of the country “Permission Denied” either…maybe they don’t want to be seen on the world map because they don’t wanna be a part of all the craziness going on everywhere else in the world. They’re like “Shhh! Be quiet and no one will see us over here in our little corner of paradise” I doubt you insulted the Permissionites, i imagine that they’re a pretty laid back , peaceful type people who just don’t want their home to be infiltrated by some foreign army. Negotiating with Martians?! I bet that was hard – i’d love to hear more…

    1. Maybe I could sneak over the border just to have a quick look. But I suppose the timing would have to be exact — it might be one of those places that disappears after seven years or something. I don’t know what year they’re in. The Martians are hiding again though…

      1. Yikes! I didn’t know there were places that disappeared after seven years. You should be very careful then – i wouldn’t want it to disappear while you are there having your quick look…

  2. hmmm perhaps i could be your ambassador to “Permission Denied”. I never lose my temper and usually get along with most everyone. I could go see what they’re like, maybe they have a beautiful beach there too – it sounds pretty exciting to me!

    1. Sure, why not. But first I’ll make sure you get diplomatic immunity — I wouldn’t want you arrested for some obscure crime. I think if they already have a Swiss Embassy it’ll be safe. Maybe you could get an appointment with the Swiss until I can get the right Treaties in place. But in the meantime you could go shopping for a cute portfolio and think of a cool design and get a stamp for the official seal. Although I don’t know how you transport a seal and how much fish they eat.

      1. Whew…this sounds like it takes a lot of preparation. I’ve never actually traveled out of the US before. Diplomatic immunity huh? I guess that would be important…it would be horrible if i was arrested for my pistachios or something silly like that. Although, generally i’m not much of a trouble maker so i could probably keep myself out of jail. I do like seals though, i wonder if it will know how to do tricks for fish, maybe it could balance a ball on it’s nose or something, i bet the Permissionites would love it so much they’d invite us to come visit any time we’d like as long as we didn’t tell the rest of the world about them.

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