Poems About Euro Zone, Finance, Greece, ” Alice’s Euro Dream “

Alice’s Euro Dream

    by “Alice”

Impressed in my dreams
pressing matters,
stamens of red saffron
pressings of oil and olive trees,
a message from Archemedes
who indeed, though hard to see,
ran from Marathon to Brussels
and popped out of a cake.

He was chewing mast gum
from the island of Chios
made a wise crack proposal:

“Let us escape a faux pas, and have
no hurry to Massacre-Euro decline
twilight glow of the drachma, so

let my people build in your billing benign
an olive-oil pipeline, many gods willing.”

With steel pipe and pumps pleasing
it progressed through Greece well, just

shooting along Albania new
under sea to the Boot, but
then the dispute:

Italy wanted an expanded pipe
made of tubular pasta renewable
to carry cannoli and a tomato paste —
a steel pipeline through Italy
just would not do.

They built a pipeline
made of fried pasta,
all the way to
Brussels Belgium with
much at stake, but

before it could be turned on
nearly everyone along the way
ate it.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Poems About Euro Zone, Finance, Greece, ” Alice’s Euro Dream “

  1. It’s wonderful! I don’t think i’ve mentioned it yet but these lines are so pretty:
    “stamens of red saffron
    pressings of oil and olive trees,
    a message from Archemedes”
    I mean the whole poem is great but for some reason those three lines stand out to me each time i read, something about the way those words compliment each other or something i guess.

    1. Thanks. Lately I’ve been doing things differently. On these serious subjects related to news, I haven’t been able to write poems in my usual way(whatever that was which seems to have faded) and so in order to get started on something which seems impossible I’ve started writing something in prose, just rambling along, and then going back and looking up sounds in my rhyming dictionary. I go down the list of words and try to find something to substitute for the awkward words I have. Sometimes that throws everything off and I look for the sounds from another word to play with — so there’s a new list to look at. This is the first time I’ve used the Rhyming Dictionary this much — I almost never used it before. Sometimes it’s hard to use because they list only the vowels — a, e, i, o, u, y — in sometimes weird spellings because a vowel sound can be spelled in a lot of ways and they only choose one of those. so you have to look for the “typical” spelling for that sound. One listing is -e,ea,ee: be, bee, Cree, Dee, dree, fee, flea, flee, gee, ghee, glee, he, key, knee, lea, lee, Lee, Leigh, ley, li, me, “oui”, … … tree … … debris, decree… and then they have:
      -eace, -ease: cease, crease, fleece, geese… obese, police… …
      -each: beach, beech, bleach … …
          Looking at all the sounds can be a tangle while trying to maintain the meaning I originally wanted. Although, sometimes, a word on a list gives me a new idea. It’s a weird little pocket-sized book (3 in. X 5 1/2in.) that I bought years ago and rarely used.
          It was odd finding that the rare “red saffron” was found in Greece and was made from the stamens of flowers. I didn’t know that spices could come from the specific parts of flowers — I thought spices come from the supermarket(old joke– lots of city folk don’t know where various foods come from).
          So, anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, thanks very much, glad you liked those lines and the rest.

      1. You’re welcome. i’ve been having some trouble writing lately too and when i do manage to write something i’m kind of self-conscious or shy or something along those lines about it…not sure why. Everything seems to feel amplified lately.
        Your rhyming dictionary sounds pretty neat, sometimes i look up words on online dictionaries…i’m not even sure where my old paperback dictionary has went. I haven’t seen it since i moved into
        this house two yeas ago. I can’t believe i’ve lived here for two years already. Time speeds by so fast.
        giggling about the spices came from the supermarket joke…that’s funny. I’ve become a porch-farmer. I have my usual pretty flowers but i’m also growing a tomato plant, a green pepper plant and a cucumber plant in pots on my deck. So far they’re growing like crazy…hope they keep it up. I’m ready for some fresh green peppers.

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