If there’d be a moment
however short in the world

when everyone loved somebody
in a tiny moment of embrace and
breathed together inward for a second, were
in the oneness of being,
forgetting who they are, being lovely, feeling like a kiss,

the moment could be the world
like the joy of a long lost sibling who is forgiven and
can come home to the family feast where
every member can taste at last
the deliciousness of belonging

if anyone could ever be quiet.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Noise

  1. I’m so happy i signed into wordpress before i went to bed or i wouldn’t have found this until morning – but i wanted to say i love the new poem. I better get to bed, I’ll come back to comment better in the morning.

  2. It was peaceful last night falling asleep thinking about a quiet moment of oneness, it’s so peaceful to imagine belonging…i think i’m going to read this one more time before i go to bed, hopefully it’ll be another calm drift into dreamland tonight.

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