Poems about Wall Street, JPMorgan” Alice in Wunderkinderland with a Hedgehog ” (first draft)

Alice in Wunderkinderland with a Hedgehog

When smiley squirrels claw up the trees
and every cat meows for milky magpies
all the fields of Central Park are free,
and every school girl does unwind and read

So Alice in her yellow Carroll dress
spread her sheet on meadow grass, and
meadow larks chirped Volckermort, a
valued sing for feathers-at-risk, but

Alice tired of Homer’s Odyssey
duh-faulty Greek tragedy dark, a
theme so far from Central Park,
or even downtown Wall Street

“Oh dear,” she shouted
to the curious white rabbit
who pulled and strightened
his suit and tie

“Come, come,” he billowed
” ’tis most unsuitable to shout at me
when I’m to lunch with
THE Chef Steagill.

Though chilled in her thoughts
Alice ran off her caution
to follow him down a rabbit hole

Falling into a cave interior
she felt too big to manage when
the rabbit went through a tiny door

But the doorknob had lips
and devised a sinister tip:
“Drink the tea from mushroom lake
and you will shrink
to manageable size.”


— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Poems about Wall Street, JPMorgan” Alice in Wunderkinderland with a Hedgehog ” (first draft)

  1. I just started on this. I thought I’d post my beginning incomplete first draft(well my 10th but this is the first somewhat coherent fragment that I can show. I was going to edit this, but now I can’t get the edit function to work, can’t add category or tags. Tried with firefox browser — couldn’t post at all and then got this piece with aol browser but now that doesn’t work either. Now I don’t remember what I was going to add. Maybe tomorrow. Can’t even make the change “and every school girl unwinds and reads“. Keep getting timed out message or can’t find website or whatever. Tried to add or change several times now. Hope at least this comment box works. Maybe if it does I’ll post the rest tomorrow in a comment box if I still can post anything. Don’t know what’s wrong….

    1. I like it. I think it’s great so far and with your editing it’ll be a wonderful trip to wunderkinderland. Alice in wonderland has always been one of my favorites. I knew i’d love the clever way you incorporated Greece into it with the Homer’s Odyssey. I like the duh-faulty (it made me giggle). I get so confused about all the global economy and financial stuff that goes on…seems like the problems keep getting worse instead of getting better though. Uh-oh, tea from mushroom lake…careful Alice, not too much!
      Doesn’t look like it let you fix the ‘unwinds and reads’ line. The site seems to be working fine for me, i wonder what was going on earlier when you were trying to post and edit? Well, good luck for next time when you try to work on it. Maybe it was just a bad connection earlier or something.

      1. Thanks. I posted a second draft (still not finished), finally. I was going to publish a bit more and then I was going to get all enthusiastic and finish the whole thing, but just after I finished quite a bit and planned to get down that much, I couldn’t get to the website at all. I looked at the trouble shooting suggestions and it looked like the easiest thing to do was to restore the computer to where it was last week before the trouble started. That process went well enough pretty quickly but then the anti-virus program said that now I had to get all new updates. That took 7 hours (on dial-up)… and then I still couldn’t get in, not realizing I just had to re-start the computer. So I wasted time on the phone talking to the computer company, and it could be that it wasn’t their fault(they were no help)…. and I wasted a lot of time and had no appetite to finish. But anyway, I posted Draft 2 which has a little bit more. Glad you liked the duh-faulty — I wasn’ sure if that worked.

  2. My goodness…it sounds like you had quite the ordeal with your computer today. 7 hours is a very long time for updates. My computer messed up a couple months ago and i lost everything because i had to restore it to the way it was out of the box. it seems to be working ok now but i can’t close the screen if i move it blues lines start filling up the screen.
    I always hate having to talk to the computer companies too…well i hope your computer is back to normal and your appetite to finish returns. I have to go get into bed…soooo sleeepy…nigh-night

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