She’s Into Breathing

She Is Into Breathing

She would have me be
some flower child I think, but
I am not ready, and she smiles.

She is breathing a lot with
an in and out of some esoteric spirit that
enlightens her with a flower of calm, and she is
such a delicate beauty like a lotus of legend dreamy, but she
remembers me when I sing with her in the mist of the do dew

Such a body of her thought I
was going to indulge instantly, but
the body is too beautiful not to stroke with the casual touch
that is the play of the casual observer of the flower who
doesn’t have the sting of the bee or
the need for nectar, but has the’in camera’ meeting
to ask an exception to modesty, the playful
romp of the adult in child’s clothing, the genteel one who
will twist on demand like a dancer of the ecstatic moment
encountering a surprise. I have flax seeds on my decadent
cheeseburger; oh, could you cleanse me with olive oil, and
a salad of conversation: I could pine away my sins if you
would needle my tree as if my sap were fragrant like the trees you worship.

I could branch to your heaven if you will feed my roots
in shallow soil. I am wandering in the topsoil. Help me
go deep. Tell me if I am a weed or a tree, and
if you are the gardener or the farmer. I’d
rather be loved than be harvested.

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “She’s Into Breathing

  1. Breathing just so happens to be one of my favorite things and this poem is one of my new favorites also. I got a little hot reading this…not sure if that was your intention or not…i think it was the third stanza that got me into that excitable frame of mind…with the body, and stroke with the casual touch and i loved the ‘needle your tree’ and the sweet sap, oh wait you said fragrant…see, it makes a girl’s mind wonder! I loved the ending…it was beautiful. I would rather be loved than harvested as well.

    1.      Hmm, I guess I don’t have to hold my breath. I reacted vaguely to a humorous article about yoga. I didn’t do a lot of editing except for the line breaks which I couldn’t figure out: some lines got very long and didn’t fit and so I almost arbitrarily moved chunks around. I guess my mind drifting method is working OK. I didn’t do my usual analysis, cross-out, synonym and rhyme search, sentence rearrangement etc.(oh, I forget how it came in: I looked up “in camera” for the private meeting with a judge etc. — so I looked up a few things). It’s a little scrambled, but apparently OK.
           Yes, I guess the casual play and touch and banter is a turn-on. I guess it can be that the conversational aspects can fall into the background like chatter music and the sensual parts can dominate. I guess that’s a good thing because then the logical flaws don’t matter that much. Some things don’t make sense or are non sequiturs but as emotional triggers, I guess, in poetry, maybe is OK. Maybe after awhile I’ll do version 2 or something, but I’ll keep this one. I’m having trouble finishing things.
           So, I guess it’s OK to breath out the words and inhale sweet things that float softly into the dream spacey space. Thanks.

      1. I read a humorous yoga article a couple days ago, i think the one i read was on the freshly pressed page when you first sign on here so maybe it was the same one you saw? Anyways, i think it was about dating someone into or not into yoga. I think your mind drifting method works out wonderfully. I wish my mind drifting would say something worth sharing. Lately i can’t write anything (and i’ve tried) i can hardly even string together intelligible sentences when talking to people in day to day life. I think i must have lost a lot of brain cells or something during my surgery or maybe from all the morphine they gave me, maybe i just wasn’t very smart to begin with and now i’m just very un-smart and tragically will never write something worth reading again. i’m sorry for venting but i’m starting to really be frustrated with myself.
        but i do like yoga and i loved your poem! I’ve started doing my morning yoga/stretches/juggling routine again which isn’t very disciplined or technical but it sure makes my body feel good at the beginning of the day. I had to quit while i was healing up, it’s odd how much flexibility you can lose in such a short time period. I still can’t do part of one of my poses.
        Wish me luck, i’m going to try to put together some of my sweet thoughts that float softly, into a poem form.

      2.     Yeah, that’s it — that’s the yoga article I read; that’s why I stuck in the cheeseburger. Well, you’re probably the same as you’ve always been, but you’re just more aware of how you’ve always been. So whatever talent you have you’ll just have to tease out and concentrate the best parts. I used to think I was normal but just had a lot of bad luck and people were accidentally misunderstanding me. But actually, I didn’t catch on that they were just being polite and really had no idea what I was saying. I always thought I had great ideas, but actually they were just confused and invalid, or not well thought out or articulated. I used to talk a lot without looking at anyone, but now when I look up at them I see how much they have contempt, disinterest, or confusion at what I’m saying. So now when I’m aware of how they really feel I can’t finish a sentence. I can see they have no patience for me to finish and their attention is turning away. If they’re brave they’ll say, “What’s your point?’ But usually they’ll just say some innocuous polite thing. I used to think they were listening and acknowledging. Now that I know they’re not, it’s always difficult to speak. I haven’t changed much. I’m just more aware of rejection which is very inhibiting. OK, that’s my venting. It doesn’t necessarily apply to you in the same way. All the stress you’re undergoing may be making your concentration more difficult.
            Good luck with the yoga. I think less stress will help your sweet thoughts float softy out of the flower of your intelligence, gracefully focused and blossoming.

      3. I think you’re right, i probably have just become more aware of how i’ve always been. Geez…that thought alone makes me feel more self conscience. How do i change who i am or how i’ve always been or should i even try to? If i’m aware of how silly i come off to others, should i try to fix it or is it accepted because that’s just who i am and is that OK? I don’t think it’s a bad thing, i mean, i’m not bad…just sort of out there at times.
        I know what you mean about the whole talking to people thing, even if it doesn’t apply to me in the same way i can completely relate…it seems like a lot of people really just don’t care what you’re saying unless it directly involves them. Being a waitress is hard at times because of all the different people i have to interact with. Most of my customers are great. But sometimes i get tables of men that embarrass me (i blush so easily too). Like yesterday these three men were being very flirtatious…one of them told me to sit at their table and when i said no, the other one told me to just sit on his lap. I don’t even know these men…Of course i didn’t sit on his lap but i was probably completely red-faced. I don’t even remember what i said after that. I’m so awkward and not good at dealing with situations where i feel awkward. I can kind of pick up on the way people feel about me and sometimes like yesterday well the way they feel or look at me- it’s kind of dirty.
        But i don’t know whats wrong with those who make you feel like they have no patience for what you’re saying. i think you have great ideas, i bet i could listen to you all day long and still be interested and if i didn’t understand something correctly maybe you could explain it in more detail for me? And i can also completely relate to the inhibition that the fear of rejection brings…That may be a big part of my problem too. I better go, my rambling on is going to make me late for work. Have a good day.

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