Whole On

Whole On

I had a mind flush with
a feeling about a lonely echo, but
I don’t know if you’re in the canyon.

Not sure if I should climb down or yell.
Might disturb the birds that you watch alone. Never mind.
Thoughts fly away if there aren’t sufficient crumbs, but

I have bread, or
I could get crackers, but
like the hole in the rocky,
there are holes in the world.

I can’t believe the world is
Swiss cheese

I’d rather have Danish blue cheese
and whine about wine, but

I guess if I tried
I could skate on Swiss slices
like holy snow, until
you are in the chalet

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Whole On

  1. Love the new poems you posted today – yeah it’s been a little lonesome lately and although i love watching the birds, sometimes they make me even lonelier feeling (not sure why exactly). I wouldn’t worry too much about disturbing them though, they always seem to come back even if something or someone scares them off.
    I love the way your thoughts transition from stanza to stanza. From crumbs to bread/crackers, cheese and whine/wine, The skating on swiss slices like holy snow is very exciting at the end.
    a poem stuffed full of delicious cheesy goodness that made my Sunday sunnier.

    1. Thanks very much. I’m not always sure if I should drift. Sometimes it works. It seems easier, if I can do it, to keep all thoughts and possible associations in mind at the same time and wander. Working from scrap notes can become too technical and tedious. I didn’t do it with cross outs and arrows on paper this time. Just added and subtracted words on the screen as I drifted along. Hope you heal well. The birdies chirpy talk can be hard to interpret. Maybe they have worms. But don’t be too jealous — I don’t think it tastes good. Sometimes I try to whistle an imitation and once in a while they seem to notice, but I don’t know exactly what I’m saying to them. I’ve probably embarrassed myself. I think they usually respond with a very high pitch laugh. Well, I’m glad they’re happy. Too bad they mostly chat amongst themselves and don’t recognize smiles.

      1. You’re welcome. I like it when you drift along, it seems natural, like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Soothing and refreshing.
        I’ve tried to whistle back at them before too but i’m actually horrible at whistling – I can make about two different tones. I’m sure they were definitely laughing at me and my attempts. But i do wonder exactly what they’re chirping about.
        I’m healing pretty good. I have a lot less pain today than i have been having.
        Maybe i should practice my whistles while i’m resting. I’ve watched too much TV lately. I think it’s turning my brain into mush. I also second guess or even triple guess on everything i think or try to write. I’ve got a bad case of feeling like i can’t say or do anything right lately.

      2. I think you already have the start of a poem in your comments, maybe along these lines:

        I like it when you drift along in my dreams
        seems natural, like giving me
        deep refreshing air, like the chirp of the birds

        I’ve tried to whistle back at them but
        I can make about two different tones.
        sure they’re definitely laughing at me
        and my attempts. But i do wonder exactly
        what they’re chirping about.

        I think they say hello
        like you do when you fly

  2. I like it, my comment-words sound better when they come from you, um yeah i’m weird, i’m not sure that even made sense…i suppose they just sound better with your always elegant twist. I tend to flop clumsily about grasping at the wrong words more often than not. I’m so tired…maybe tomorrow i’ll wake up with a fresh new start, complete with fresh new words that make all the sense in the world. And then everything will be so clear…

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