Word Chewing

Word Chewing

I don’t have assumptions about where words will go.
I pick one up from a gutter
spit it onto a piece of paper
see what sticks even if
it’s not chewing gum

I can ruminate about curds and whey
way more than I can assume
my presumptions are triumphant

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “Word Chewing

  1. Well i love your word chewing. You certainly have a knack for it…now if only i could find some words to chew that i was comfortable with. I don’t think i’m quite ready for just picking any word out of the gutter. It would most likely be a catastrophe. The curds and whey made me think about little miss muffett. Of course it was a spider that scared Miss Muffet. Creepy little things they are. Definitely not one of my favorite creatures even if they help keep the bugs away.

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