Whole On

Whole On

I had a mind flush with
a feeling about a lonely echo, but
I don’t know if you’re in the canyon.

Not sure if I should climb down or yell.
Might disturb the birds that you watch alone. Never mind.
Thoughts fly away if there aren’t sufficient crumbs, but

I have bread, or
I could get crackers, but
like the hole in the rocky,
there are holes in the world.

I can’t believe the world is
Swiss cheese

I’d rather have Danish blue cheese
and whine about wine, but

I guess if I tried
I could skate on Swiss slices
like holy snow, until
you are in the chalet

— Douglas Gilbert


China Attacks Dalai Lama, Poems About Tibet, ” To Conquer Is To Float “

To Conquer Is To Float

Ref: China Attacks Dalai Lama

To Conquer Is To Float

There is a split with heaven like
splinters in the floor of the ocean

The tsunami of Han Chinese rise;
yet, a glorious ignorance
enlightens floating corpses
in the mountains of Tibet

Worry for the victor
who reigns on mountains:
the tears of rivers
overflowing with
Tibetan spirits

Does the wave
claim to be grounded in honor
if it destroys

Can it split mountains
and not be in the crack of Hell

Vicious are victors
afraid of ghosts

There is a Lama in the house
and a question of where
rain reigns, where
a split with heaven will

let tyrants name themselves
gods at roll call, let little names
be engraved on their tombstones

let dragons be afraid of
ghosts flooding graveyards, spirits
doing splits and acrobatics, afraid of
death and

legs of two worlds splayed across lost faces
spirits sitting on victors ingloriously soiled

— Douglas Gilbert

News: Atheist’s Billboards, ” You know it’s a myth “. Extending the logic of the Atheist in Poetry, ” The Last Atheist “

The Last Atheist

You are the only magic
that I believe in,
my dear wife who still prays
when I don’t

I see you
in I.C.U.

I find joy in watching you hug
the many tenets of your faith like
teddy bears of God, because
your cuteness is kind.

You smile
and I see in our flowing eyes
you are my talisman, my
magic pool, and
I swim in you

but stay, and though you pray, I
don’t want a higher power. I
want you to
tell me a story, to
stay with me at my bed, and
I think that

the growing grape
doesn’t care
about the wine, cares not
to make a point — no spirits
in these many things of nature, but

I’m intoxicated by your spirit
your smile. Hug me like
I’m a teddy bear of God
and I make

a toast from the brink of death:
show me the magic
before I go drink oblivion
and tell me the lie
you’ll never leave me

You are the
only magic
I believe in

But I will die
a point vanishing
nothing remaining for me.
To myself
I will have never been

and if I ever loved you
I will not know

and if you ever loved me
I will not feel it because
to me, I will have never existed

I will be forever nothing

you could save me forever
not as a memory
but as me, myself
and we — I mind that
I could not kiss you
if I were a mist in time

Show me the magic
or hearty spirits, but

I do not wish to haunt you, and
you deserve more than dust

Must you go from me or
must I go as a vapor?

Show me the magic,
woman of my dreams.
I swim in you.

Before I go far out of my mind
you must tell me a lie:
tell me you are God, though

you could be my angel

your spirit will carry me to heaven –

seems plausible
for an angel, and
you are beautiful magic

how will I kiss you again
if you won’t teach me
the magic of your tales. Explain the
phosphorescent creatures in your fables
who swim in seas of ineffables
and let me drink your glow
if these be souls

Show me the magic:
any miracle will do.
I believe in you.

Be happy for now, and
don’t miss me.
I will have never been.

— Douglas Gilbert