When Valentine’s Day Is Poetry in an e-book Foyer


Gently opening the door
spying from the foyer
seeing you caress my letter
stroke my gift charm, I was
so glad I drove you mad
insane to love me
find my foibles cute
while I devoured
the beauty you are
to save me, yet
you thanked me for
being in need of you
taking me as a gift
unwrapping my naked soul

Forgive me my silent admiration:
Angel undress for me as
I stand faithful to us
with more than the tinkle of trinkets
with a greater sound
a silent duet of one
a soap bubble popping
a float in air
drifting to the bedrock top
snow soft and
falling like an avalanche
peeking piqued

— Douglas Gilbert
From: Poems of Love Lost and Found

by Douglas Gilbert

in the iBookstoresm
This book is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks and on your computer with iTunes. Books must be read on an iOS device.


We are glowing with poems because from the journey of a dream I awoke happy, enveloped in you under covers, my Valentine. Enraptured in the blankets of home with you, of you, our embrace is the brightness of us, with us. We are the morning together, together in love. An awakening is here to be for real at home, a peaceful passion, a satisfaction day, not dreaming but being in the lightness of us, with us. We are warm being the morning sun, like banners waving playfully above the river of Love, these extremely rippling, our streaming, child to the river. Ripples of the day, we stream like banners waving playfully above a gentle brook, child to the stream. The child’s babble is joyful enough to be a gurgle in a float-along morning. We splash along, embraced by immersion, the kiss of the day, fantastic and better than a dream.


4 thoughts on “When Valentine’s Day Is Poetry in an e-book Foyer

  1. Thanks, that’s helpful: I chose 37 poems from my collection to put in the e-book. I wasn’t sure if I chose the right ones. I’m trying the delayed posting feature at wordpress. I’ve scheduled for them to post one poem every hour starting at 9:00. I hope it works. I’m in the process of posting them and labeling them with what time they should be posted. It’s a slow process — I should have started earlier. When I got to 2 in the afternoon I realized I could schedule it for posting at 2:14 — should be interesting…

    1. That’s awesome! I didn’t even know they had a delayed posting feature. I’m getting ready to leave for work but i will check in with my phone when i get a chance – it will be interesting! (big grin)

      1. Yeah, it’s in the PUBLISH box: it says Publish immediately Edit. You click on edit and fill in the 24 hour time, that is, noon is 12, one o’clock in the afternoon is 13:00 etc. You click on OK, and then after you’ve finished with everything else you want to do, you click on the “schedule” button(it doesn’t say “publish” anymore but says “schedule” which is delayed “publish”).

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