As Sweet As A Tiger

As Sweet As A Tiger

Lady Bard upon the roughened road:
Doth not your imagination possess you too much
and hath you protest your name with harpsichord?

The rose can be cat, but
can the cat be rose?
I don’t suppose so, though
the sweetness of your perfume is angelic

If you’ve become nocturnal,
a silvery moon should light your way
for a sun has grown you
as silky as the day, and
the night has made you slinky

pull off that leopard skin dress,
doff the aqua boots, and
skinny dip with me like the swan you are,
for to swim with you in a pool of roses
will settle a name into Love like a walk in the park


4 thoughts on “As Sweet As A Tiger

  1. Slinky, sexy and silky…your words are so smooth it gets me excited and makes me want to go for a swim. Love it, my Sunday feels even sunnier with the hot poet’s words dancing through my head. I hope this comment comes through ok, i’m on my phone using a wordpress app. I didn’t want to wait until i got home to comment. I should probably get out of my car and go into the store, although i’m not so much in the mood to pick out clothes now…

  2. Thanks very much. I love when you’re sunny on a Sunday and these leaping emotions seem to be the healing kind in contrast to the ones in your recent poem, although, be careful with your phone — the comment seems to have come through fine. I was sort of dancing around the cliché “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. I was stuck in the middle and a beginning with a few archaic words until I looked up “Bard” and imagined a traveling poet. Some of it I wasn’t sure made sense but it felt right. Oddly, after long analysis, I could think of a way to have it mean something, but then I thought, well, that’s silly, because it was “understood” instantly in the first place. I liked the sound of the rose being a cat and the cat being a rose but as soon as I started thinking about it, it didn’t make any sense. But then I’m thinking people have flower names and so Rose is a human who can be like a cat. But can a real cat(leopard or tiger) have the soft characteristics of a flower — real tigers are not like flowers whereas real people can be like flowers in beauty, softness, etc. It is in the nature of tigers to be ferocious and it’s difficult for them to be otherwise. No so with people. They can choose to be otherwise at a given moment. Tigers are usually just hungry for food. We have other kinds of hunger. Ferocious and all consuming passion that tickles and purrs. <— Hmm, maybe I should have used that. I guess I don't ramble enough.

  3. ‘Ferocious and all consuming passion that tickles and purrs’
    hmmmm…i like that. Makes me feel like purring, I’ve got a ferocious hunger…but i’ve gotten quite skilled in the art of depriving myself of things i want. Sometimes it reaches a boiling point of sorts.
    Most animals are afraid of people, i bet in their eyes people come off as very ferocious. I’d like to think that the tigers are sweet with one another…of course maybe that’s one of those fairy tale notions that i keep around just to hold onto a bit of childhood nostalgia or something…i don’t know what i mean…i honestly don’t even make sense to myself sometimes so i’m not sure if it’s a good idea for me to expect anyone else to understand what i mean (although you usually do understand what i’m saying so

  4. the dog pawed the keyboard and sent the comment early…geez what if i wanted to delete all that rambling nonsense because it didn’t make sense?!? eek…oh well too late now. giggling…
    but i was saying: although you usually do understand what i’m saying so i guess i’m lucky there…to have at least one person who gets what i’m attempting to say in my gibberish nonsense. I’ll stop there before i sound even sillier.

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