Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

I hope you are blessed and find happiness in some corner of where you are. Hope your inner glow is warm, soothing and a tender light. Near or far, or far out, travel well. Compose and be composed, and let the Muse and you be amused with the day and with the dream. Somewhere the stars and the rainbows meet, born in the color of love. Like laughter, Light is light. Ho, ho, ho.
— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

    1. ThankS very much. Merry Christmas
          It’s interesting: I was going to leave one sentence everywhere, but in the first place I started with one little sentence, and then the next place I posted, I thought of something to add, and in the next a refinement etc. Like the accretion of the rolling snowball.
           I thought of something else, so I’ll post it. On the last post there was a pop-up notice from WordPress saying I had reached 249 posts and was almost to my goal of 250. I didn’t know I had a goal, but I’m curious to see what pops up this time. Yeah, “curiosity killed the cat”. It’s probably just another gimmick, because I was thinking that for people who post every day, they’d have 365 in a year, and I’ve been posting several years, so, actually, I have few. We shall see, but it is true that rambling can be fun.

      1. Well it turned out to be a great rolling snowball. So what happened at 250 posts? Sounds exciting! I’m only at 17 posts…i have quite a way to go til i get to the grand 250! I think you deserve a four course feast with a champagne toast. Cheers!
        Gotta go get ready for the family’s Christmas dinner…

  1. Thanks. They were just trying to sell me something. I should have known better. They had a link to a company that sells publicity for your works. For only $89 they’ll get you referenced everywhere or something…. And then I realized what they are doing — I’ll bet when you get to 19 posts you’ll get a pop up that says you’ve almost reached your goal of 20 posts, and then when you make the 20th one you’ll get the advertizement…

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