George Washington Goes To Zuccotti Park (1-5)

I still have pictures of photographers, dogs, and a singer, but I don’t know how I would incorporate them. Unfortunately, I have no sound so I don’t know what everyone was actually doing. I took some pictures of interviews but unfortunately I don’t remember anything coherent that was said because I was too busy trying to maneuver around everyone. Maybe I could make up a new theme of some kind. But it’s a little too late: I’ve taken too much time. All the photos are from October 18. Things have changed since then.


4 thoughts on “George Washington Goes To Zuccotti Park (1-5)

  1. I like how it’s all came together, George really got around on that October 18th, huh? But it all flows together smoothly between the different parts and kept my attention well, wondering what was going to happen next. Great work!
    i’m having computer issues! EEK! My laptop screen starts getting all these horizontal lines that feed downward on the screen and the screen goes blue, but if i close it halfway it goes back to normal. I think it’s maybe a wire between the screen and base where all the computer inner working bits are. (i’m pretty sure that’s not the technical term, hehe). It’s finally started working again, i just can’t close my laptop because when i open it again it starts acting up.

    1. Thanks. Yikes, the blue screen. I hope you saved everything on external something or other(a technical term). My desktop computer weighs 25 pounds so I suppose I could put it in a shopping cart with a gasoline powered generator and make it portable, but I don’t know how that Why-fee-fi thing-bit works in the blue sky outdoors… maybe I could get something between x-fi and z-fi or a hi-ho-go-fee-fi-fo-fum…. Meanwhile, lulu is having a short-short story contest (600 words) to promote their e-book publishing service. Submission for the contest is free so I’m trying it. I did one plain short-short and one based on a poem. I don’t have an e-book reader but they tell you how to download a program to read it on the computer screen without one so I could see that I entered it right. It’s a little silly but even though it’s just 600 words they make you make it into an e-book but they give you a template for their conversion program so I was able to do it OK. I submitted 3 stories so we’ll see. There’s no limit to how many separate entries you can make. It’s hard to make a complete story in 600 words. Although I seem to remember that when I was in elementary school, the so-called “stories” were all less than 600 words and we thought it was too much — oh, no, 3 whole pages.

      1. I still haven’t gotten any of my pictures or anything saved to disk (i need to go buy some). Stupid me, i keep accidentally closing it, you know, just out of habit. Then the whole lines thing starts all over again. Maybe i need to stick a post it note or something on the side of the screen to remind myself not to close it. I have another computer but this one is my comfy one, the one i’m used to writing on and it just feels a lot more intimate to me for some reason. (i suppose intimate isn’t really the word i’m looking for but i bet you understand what i mean…
        the why-fee-fi thing…hehe…
        Good luck in the contest! I just went to your lulu page and saw three that were free downloads, are those your entries for the contest? I’ll have to download the program to read them (if my computer behaves!). After work i’ll attempt that and speaking of work, i better hurry up and finish getting ready.

  2. I can understand how a particular writing instrument which is an extension of one’s thoughts can be more comfortable than another. Whatever allows for one to extend themselves in expression most easily is best, and when one develops habits on a device which allows for an automatic outflow then that would be comfy. Although I never did develop any comfort with the old mechanical typewriter when the hammers got stuck together and the e’s got full of ink in the closed space and got blurry.
        Yeah, the three free downloads are the entries. In the process of turning a poem into a story, I saw how much the poem was missing a storyline and had poor transitions. But now I don’t like the story either because it’s too poetic and not standard English. I renamed the poem “Throbbing in Crevices” as “Girl In a Rabbit Hat.” Yikes, now I dislike both and think they both need fixing. But I’m just going to forget them and maybe try to write 3 new stories that are more traditional in form and more descriptive despite the 600 word limit. I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe I need a cooling off period before starting again. One moment I liked it and another moment I disliked it. (It’s poetic license or no it’s not — it’s just incoherent and an excuse to be vague. The description is poor because of the word limit, or — no I’m making excuses for myself: there are ways to make concise descriptions and character sketches in a few words. Oh no it’s fine under the limit, oh no it’s not, oh yes it is , oh no it’s not. Yes, no, yes, no….. they love me, they love me not….and et cetera — jeez is that how our spell etc.? I’m conflicted. No I’m not.

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