George Washington Goes To Zuccotti Park (Part 5A)


5 thoughts on “George Washington Goes To Zuccotti Park (Part 5A)

  1. I think every little girl should have a George dolly. You could market that, ya know. Make them about the size of barbie dolls, maybe have a Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, heck you could do a whole founding fathers series. Maybe the kiddos would have fun learning…but you’d have to update them some to keep their attention…you know bring them up to the times a little bit. Have several different brightly colored outfits they can change them into and you’d have to make some founding ladies too because George will need a date for the weekends.
    Anyway, I really just wanted to say I like your video and then I got onto the subject of dolls. Happy Halloween!

  2. Yeah, I wish I knew how to do niche marketing. I can’t seem to market anything. I’m barely able to put together the photos I took on one day (Oct. 18) and now I see I didn’t take enough. I thought I took tons. I should have taken background photos and established where I was before looking for interesting details. Oh well — I’ve been using one or two photos at a time and using cropped parts as “closeup details”. It doesn’t always work exactly right. And I’ve borrowed details from one scene and pasted into another to try to make connections even though they wouldn’t normally go together. I rushed ahead with “5A” because I thought that one scene worked out well. I had to change one tiny dot at a time to get the eyes right and I was barely able to do it. I had three pictures where in each, one of the people was blurry because someone was moving or I was moving when I took it — I was kneeling on my knees and getting a cramp or a spasm or something and I’m still not sure how to use the camera properly(I should have brought more batteries and just taken many, many more pictures. I have to remember that it’s not a film camera and with these new digital cameras I could have taken a thousand pictures instead of winding up with three for that one crucial scene. Next time I’ll remember: waste, waste, waste pictures — it’s not film.).
        Hope you had a safe Halloween. I’m glad no one knocked on my door. In my neighborhood, I could get shot to death opening the door. I think now probably that the parents take the kids to supervised parties or only to people they know.
        Anyway, I finished the full Part 5 which I’ll post later. Oh yeah, I guess I could put it here while I’m here, probably, maybe…

      1. Ut oh. I guess the straight paste doesn’t work anymore. Oh, well, now I’m confused again. geez. I wish they’d stop changing things when it was working fine before.

  3. I like how it all came together in #5. I wonder why the straight paste didn’t work well this time…they do need to stop changing things.
    Yeah, i’m not too good at marketing either, not that i really have anything TO market…hehe I love digital cameras…no worrying about film running out but i do tend to be much lazier about printing pictures now. Every once and a while i’ll get my favorites printed but not often enough.
    We had a good Halloween, kids take over the entire neighborhood, WAY more kids than what live there. I guess cause it’s a big wrap around type neighborhood and easy to walk through. I’m glad I don’t live somewhere that i could be shot when opening the door, i’d probably never leave the house. Be careful!

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