George Washington Goes To Zuccotti Park (Part 3)


3 thoughts on “George Washington Goes To Zuccotti Park (Part 3)

  1. Is that cake George is eating? It looks like it might be cake, maybe i need glasses. He’s always up to something huh? I like George’s visits to Zucotti park…

  2. teehee…
    it’s an apple! I watched it again, i must need glasses. I only had one glass of wine earlier and i swear, apples start turning into cake. I’m a lightweight lately.

  3. Thanks. I think what happened is that when I copied the apple off the table I didn’t circle it with the cursor exactly and in the small version I went too close with the eraser and clipped off a few dots too many which made it squared off a little. I think as a square shape it looks like cake and also there is the association of a paper plate with a birthday party and cake. So when it comes to an ambiguous object, hard to identify, the paper plate signals to the mind that the uncertain object must be cake, and if you’re hungry at the time of looking you’d be more inclined to think cake. I think, sitting in the park, I’d rather have cake than an apple. I think I read somewhere that when you look at something and identify what it is that even though it’s done in a fraction of a second that the brain actually consults with many diverse parts of the brain for information: for a red apple it consults lists of possibilities __ things that are red, things that are round, things that are edible… so within less than a second it goes through hundreds of possibilities, mediated by priorities and desires, and if the object doesn’t belong in any understandable context then the identity I guess would be unstable and could change moment to moment. I think it might actually be an Apple computer shaped like an apple or maybe an apple cell phone. I didn’t actually see it when I took the picture — if I had, I might have eaten it and then been chased out of the park before taking the picture…

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