George Washington Leaves Wall Street for a Spin (Test : video part 1)


6 thoughts on “George Washington Leaves Wall Street for a Spin (Test : video part 1)

  1. Hmmm, ok. I’ve posted the link. Seems to work but when I went to “latest posts”, there are so many pictures to load on all the different posts that are the collection of the latest ones that at first it said “can’t find… um sometime(forgot the term)… but I clicked on “try again” and it worked. I don’t know how hard this is going to be for the casual observer because I had already loaded the video previously so it was ready to go. Maybe I should sign off and come back to see how well it works when when one doesn’t have a previous copy as a headstart on loading. Geez, a lot of experimenting to get 30 seconds of video. Yikes, what would I have to do for 10 minutes at 3 hours for me to upload a 30 second video. Well then, I guess I should be thinking as if I were doing a 30 second commercial with the back of a paper bag and a crayon as equipment…

  2. Oh gee: another permutation. If one goes to comments, there’s no competition from the other posts. Oh I guess it might make more sense to make a “page” rather than a post, but then there are no tags and I don’t have space to list the pages(which I hid because of problems with them a long time ago. Hmm, I don’t know which crisis is worse). I guess I’ll just leave everything as is for now.

  3. It all works fine for me when I go to your latest posts page. Ten minutes of video would take almost forever to upload at that rate…what kind of internet connection do you have? I have a broadband cable type connection and everything usually goes pretty fast but i don’t upload much of anything besides a couple pictures every once and a while. I’m kind of lost in the video making area. Good luck with your crisis’.

    1. I have a dial-up phone line. so now I see I’m still in the stone age — a fast new computer with a very slow connection to the world. It works fast and fine off-line so maybe I should copy to a dvd and ask someone with a broadband connection to upload it for me. Maybe if I get invited for Thanksgiving I could bring a “gift” with conditions — sort of like a Trojan Turkey where the soldiers come baring dvds instead of swords and the package is much smaller than the Trojan Horse of the story. My latest one took about 7 hours to upload and I thought I was going to lose it right at the end because all of a sudden all my background programs decided they wanted to do me a favor and upload updates because I was “idle”. “Not now, not now,” I shouted at the screen as I tried to figure out how to disable them or see if they were harmless… So helpful and convenient: You’ve got mail, you’ve got updates, you should try this…, you must have this, click here, click there, click on the hill and dale, and in the forest and up a tree(up the river without a paddle) and I can see or not see “what is the question” — to be or not to be, to suffer the slings and updates of outrageous fortune as Shakespeare said …

  4. the stone age…i remember when i had dial up, i had forgotten how frustrating it can be at times. Especially when everything starts trying to update AND you’re trying to upload something. I didn’t even have a halfway decent computer at that time either (it crashed constantly). Seven hours…whoa, that is a long time. Love the Trojan Turkey idea, hehe…and all those updates and random installs that come up on new computers are time consuming.

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