George Washington Leaves Wall Street (Part 1) PHOTO .gif

Washington Statue on Wall Street goes for a spin (Part 1)

I don’t know what happened in the upload. It’s very blurry. It was fine on my computer. Phooey, and I was going to finish it. This was just the beginning but I wanted to test it. It doesn’t seem worth finishing. I had some photos going up Broadway and some more photos in Zuccotti park I wanted to consolidate. But just in this beginning piece it put in streaks that were not there and broken bits. It might get even worse the next time. I have to go to my original file and see if it was damaged somehow. I’d hate to have to do it over from scratch. And even this little bit crashed the online service or computer twice. I don’t know what the problem is.


6 thoughts on “George Washington Leaves Wall Street (Part 1) PHOTO .gif

  1. I don’t think it looks bad but it does look a little blurry. I wonder why it’s crashing your service/computer? No fun, i hate computer problems. I’m not very great with them so i usually call my dad, he usually knows what to do.
    On to the animation, i love the idea of it, even if it’s a little blurry and has some streaks. The George Washington statue looks like it’s doing cartwheels almost, it reminds me of when you see a dollar flipping and twirling down the street in the wind.

    1. I may have gotten a few hints(I don’t know). My camera software let’s me make a primitive “video” from frames of the .gif transferred to their program editor but I have to change the .gif format to a .jpeg format and then for some reason they only let you give a time for a frame down to 0.5 seconds (2 frames per second) whereas a normal video made from the camera is something like 15 frames per second. so I can make only an unsmooth jumpy video. So even if I could draw more details of the motion( with the movement of the joints[which I’m not enough of an artist to do anyway]), I couldn’t do the 15 drawings within a second that would be needed for smooth animation. Anyway, I took the crummy frames I had and made a youtube video. Youtube crashed too, but the helpful hints section told me to shut-down background programs before trying to upload etc. and so finally I managed to upload it to them in 3 hours. Yikes. I think it’s better. But I’m not sure I can show it here. Maybe I’ll try later but here’s the link for youtube


  2. That’s interesting: I just put the link in the comment and wordpress went and got it without any further ado. Hmm, I wasn’t expecting that. Well, that’s encouraging if it lasts. I just saw it this second. I hope when I sign in again, it doesn’t disappear or something. Maybe I should see what happens in a new post in case this is just some kind of fluke in the comment section…. I’m always surprised and confused how they set things up — sometimes everything is automatic and intuitive(for me) and sometimes it seems illogical(and counter-intuitive for me[but I’m usually not intuitive in the conventional way — intuitive of scatterbrain variety])

  3. Wow! Three hours to upload? That seems like a very long time but then again, i don’t have much experience uploading videos so it’s not like i have other time frames to compare it to. It’s neat how they let you put the youtube video into your comment like that. I went to your page on there and watched a few of your other videos, the cheese sandwich looks yummy…i love bell peppers and cheese. I’ll have to make the sandwiches for dinner sometime.

  4. I guess it’s just as well that I can’t do a full animation. I just realized that if I wanted to do it like a Disney cartoon, I’d have to make 900 drawings for one minute of animation( 15 frames[or drawings] per second X 60 seconds). It takes me one hour at least to do one really bad crude drawing, and that’s why I wanted to draw over or modify photos. But to make this totally original I have to take my own photos. And I took what I thought were a lot of photos(but at random because I didn’t know what I was going to do with them[theme]), but I didn’t have enough photos to make continuous connections so I had to look for objects that connected the random photos and try to remember how the locations were connected… But after all that, I forgot a crucial detail: I was busy pasting the statue that I had cut out into various scenes without considering that if I pasted into a long distance photo with small people that the stature would be giant but when pasted into a closeup would be normal size. So I should have re-sized more carefully before pasting into each scene to have one apparent height for George. Well, it worked out OK, I think — George is just magical anyway. But it gives me an idea how to continue with the surreal theme and make the error seem deliberate. I’m going to make George obviously change size in one scene for my next quasi-video or gif.
        The cheese video was an early attempt and I managed to erase my last photo showing the cheese-pepper-chives mixture spread on the bread, and I never did take a picture of the melted cheese. I didn’t want to buy the ingredients twice or three times just to make pictures so I tried to make photos as I went along and so there I was with a hot oven, a mess in the sink, and on the counter top and running to the bathroom to wash my hands ten times so I wouldn’t get my camera dirty or let it slip out of my hands or not accidentally bake the camera… But anyway, it has to just melt enough to soften and then after taking it out of the oven, place one slice on top of the other with a spatula. It’s a silly way to do it but I didn’t want to stand over a frying pan pushing it together. Although actually I let it bake too long and the cheese spread like a river all over the baking pan… I’ve done it better since but I’ve decided it’s not the proper way to do it but ….

    1. Geez…it would take forever to do it like a disney cartoon. It’d be like a lifetime project or something. I like what you’re doing with them though and George is pretty magical…I sort of just assumed he was that size on purpose, being a statue and all so it works well.
      I once had an art teacher who told me that what an artist might consider to be a mistake at first during the creation process of an art piece, might end up being one of the best things about it when it’s finished and all is said and done. I’ve always kept that in the back of my mind, i guess it makes me feel better when i happen to make a mistake.
      I have this grill cooker appliance thing I got for Christmas a few years ago that i’ve never even taken out of the box. On the box it has a picture of a sandwich being made. It’s one of those kinds where the top closes down onto whatever it is you’re cooking…i bet it would work great when i attempt to make the cheese sandwiches.

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