Guest Poet : Ali Khamenei , Supreme Leader , ” Zuccotti Park “

Zuccotti Park

by Ali Khamenei{NOTES:
Quds — Elite secret force of the Revolutionary Guards who have been implicated in a plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador.
To chew the cud — to ponder; to ruminate
trãnches — ‘slices’ of the loans promised to Greece to bail them out
Zoomancotti — reference to Zuccotti Park: a park near Wall Street. Pun on: boycott, manicotti, the sound of ‘Zu’ is zoo}

We do not chew our Quds
nor cower under threats and myths, for

All the West can ruminate with dread
the writing on the wall street door, can
feel the trãnches haunting all the E.U.-theists, can
have their thoughts pre-occupied with
evil bonds and
Zoomancotti Park, but

we’ll beat all plowshares into holy swords.
Capitalist ink will
spill out from red pens, and
there is no verse, but
what is Written Large in the end:
our Persian imprimatur on the world’s lament

2 thoughts on “Guest Poet : Ali Khamenei , Supreme Leader , ” Zuccotti Park “

  1. I love the way your mind works…this is so smart. I’m glad you put the notes at the top. I have to admit, i get a little lost sometimes with politics and world events, i have to work extra hard to understand (kind of like math for me). It’s like a big puzzle because there is an reaction for each action and it seems like things get left out and there’s lots of loop holes or spots that don’t make sense to me that need researching. I got into a debate of sorts at work, If i don’t know or understand anything else, i definitely can point out that Mr. Limbaugh can be a prick. He is such an insensitive person and somehow he has so many fans. But the bad part is, that if i try to state any opinions, I generally don’t have the facts saved in my mind to back them up and i end up feeling like a stupid girl who should just stay out of such matters and be left to endure the radio even if it’s offensive.
    That’s what is so great about this, you DO understand these types of things and can even write an amazing poem.
    The beginning lines with the ‘chew our Quds”, the pun of the Zoomancotti park, and the plowshares into holy swords were probably my favorites. Great poem…

  2. Thanks very much. I find that often has interesting insights about the middle east. I don’t always agree with them but you can learn a lot. I’ve been on both sides of every issue. Or many sides. Now I think everyone is wrong in some aspect. That’s why I like to try to think from the exaggerated and satirical point of view of different characters. It’s not really possible to ever give a complex and nuanced opinion about anything because no one will listen and both sides will be angry with you. I can’t articulate things quickly and fluently in person(remembering instantly all the facts needed to back it up) so I usually don’t debate. There are abuses on both sides and I don’t know how you get each to change because they both feel admitting mistakes would weaken their debating position. And the way things are they’re right: if you fall victim to a ‘gotcha’ moment, everyone stops listening to you.

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