Shack Animation (.gif) Draft 1

From my pasted photos. Ocean not clear. will have to draw something on more frames inserted

2 thoughts on “Shack Animation (.gif) Draft 1

  1. I really like this, thought it was great the first time i saw it, but it’s even better with the animation…i have no idea how to even do something like this, it’s like a magical picture 🙂

    1. Thanks very much. I’m doing it with my very old Paint Shop Pro 7 program that comes with Animation Shop. It’s a miracle that my new computer deigned to let me install it (the first time it didn’t work and it said it was going to try to fix it to eliminate conflicts…). Uninstalled it and almost gave up. Tried again, but this time somehow it dawned on me that when it asks me what files to associate with it, I should do none except the one brand name format that it uses[it wants to open everybody else’s picture files automatically] — that was the problem and now it works on the new computer. But anyway, since it’s an old program, it’s a little awkward to use — you send your photo to the animation program and it sets up the frames like a cartoon sequence and then you can copy the photo into the next frame, make a change on that frame in the Paint program and send it back to the animation program… a little tedious but I don’t have to draw that much and the Paint program will rotate the photo for you and do other stuff that simulates animation without having to do a lot of drawing… But I get frustrated because I can’t draw what I’d really like to see — I cut and paste sections of the original photo and look for happy accidents. I finished a second draft. I’m going to post it soon.

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