The Goddess Of Hurricane Irene

The Goddess of Hurricane Irene

Girl, I put a note in a bottle
for Hurricane Irene to carry away:
don’t know where you’ve gone again

Country girl, I know
you always liked to
climb into the sky on your slinky tree
when you were like a cougar on the prowl,
could move me purrr-fectly well

but if only you hadn’t
always moved away
though playfully
you seemed to know you moved me

but I could never track you up a tree, and
only thought that cougars could fly

Maybe if I’d wrapped you in corn silk
and known the kernel of your heart
you’d have thought me more than husk, but

I’ve put a note in a bottle
for Hurricane Irene.

Bechance, once, I saw you do
a whirl-wind dance on the bridge
your hair like glancing rays, you
crossing with the sun and with your smile
and I thought you’d stay in the city
be giddy with me in the wild dance
in the curl up

Surf’s swirling on the beach so I
put a love note in a bottle.

Oh folksy girl, for you I’ve cared; don’t know why
you’d ever say I’d be a tiger suitor
whose roar would make you
more nervous than
“a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

You’ve covered over the bridge of our relationship
and moved to Vermont where storms never reach
said we’re washed up, but

For impossible things I’ve
put a note in a bottle, started to
“nail jelly to the wall”
way back on the boarded up farm
and I’m looking for a tornado, because

Take note:
you’d always said you’d love me
when pigs fly, and
hurricanes reach Vermont

—Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “The Goddess Of Hurricane Irene

  1. I clicked the like button but in all actuality, I love this. One of my favorites of yours, deep, full of meaning and playful. I can picture it all in my mind as i read…the whirl wind dance sounds magical.

  2. Thanks very much. It’s a joy to hear your encouraging words. I’ve been setting up a new computer and I’ve had 10 panics thinking I broke something. All the default settings are annoying. Came with no instructions except to say: if you want more information, go on the internet which at first I couldn’t do. The default setting when I set up the computer was for tiny print, so I set it to larger, and then when I finally got on the internet it said warning, warning, the print should be smaller… and now I have to learn Windows 7. They gave me no text book(things used to come with instruction books) I’ll have to buy a text book in the future when I have the money(the surprise external modem that I didn’t know I needed to buy wiped out my book budget). I hate reading instructions off the internet…. Well anyway, I love the feedback, I’ll be sure to include it if I ever get to updating a book. I have to learn win 7 so I can get back to being compatible with all the “improvements” that all the websites are making and I have to see if I can transfer files from my old computer to this annoying one that I’m using now…you can see I’m in a frenzied state or I would have written a longer response relevant to the poem. I hope you are well.

  3. A new computer?! Nice! That’s exciting news, you’ve been having trouble with your other one for a long time being compatible with website’s updates and so forth. It should make it a lot easier on you after you get used to it, but i know that frenzied state from the last time i bought a computer. I’m on windows 7 too now, I like it better than my old one, though I really don’t do much with the computer besides internet, writing and downloading the pictures from my camera. Hopefully all goes well with the transferring files. I don’t know why they don’t include books with good instructions, computers are pretty expensive, the least they could do is throw in a book on how to use them. It’s the same way with printers, I opened it, got it all ready to hook up and then find they don’t include some cable i had to have to connect it to my computer. So I had to make another trip to the store. That really aggravated me, who sells you something and doesn’t include what you need to use it? I’ve never bought a lamp that I had to install a cord on…
    But i feel your pain with the whole computer process, I hope you get it exactly the way you like it to be soon. Good luck!

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