Poems About Hurricane Katrina, ” The Sink “

The Sink

Hey, I’ve known poor Mississippi
years ago(lynchings) run out,
ran to New Orleans
got a gig
played didn’t stay
jammed in Chicago

Hey, I’m hot in France
got millions for my blues
learned me sadness well
been to Italy too

Déjà vu my Venice
Louisiana mud
wakes my horn

I blow wakes
into funeral bowls that
leach blood gumbo

In mud my
Mississippi meandering
lays my delta sorrow out

When water taps were dry
some taps on roofs were heard
some taps in fact
were played in death
an act of attics sealed

Because death lived in levees corrupt
the Saints can’t march in threes
by Convention Center guts

Trudging in Louisiana mud
wakes my delta sorrow
lets my borrowed
Mississippi horn meander

Hey, making me a solo Mardi gras
with a Bourbon in Paris
’cause the spirits are
telling me to celebrate

Hey, I do great tears, but
really, I know, the heroes
will yet be known
yet inspire:
I celebrate my heroes

—Douglas Gilbert

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