No Knowing No

No Knowing No

Seems I’m not even worth no-ing anymore —
rambunctious youth gone into cantankerous age
old without authority
not worth yes-ing ever since
the yes-birds flew away
taking the money and taking her,
she who said no, no, no, but
seems the seemly seams of time would
stitch the pattern’s no-liness, though seems

if she
could appear here to hear me
give me a cute little no-no again, to
no me as a romp and roll, if this yes, then
I’d be joy-yes-ly wild, and
knowingly wily ha

—Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “No Knowing No

  1. no-no, or is it yes-yes?

    cantankerous huh? I suppose it happens to the best of us at times although i’d still try to hang on to the rambunctiousness, you never know when that might come in handy.
    I love the word wily for some reason…probably ’cause it goes along with cunning and charming.

    This is great, i love the word play.

    1. Thanks very much. Sort of flowed out with the image of a powerful person with his “yes-men” sycophants [just took 5 tries to spell that and I can see why it’s not used much]. When I thought of Yes-ing someone, then I thought of No-ing someone and I heard the sound of “knowing”. Weird spellings are sometimes helpful for having fun. One scene leads to another.

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