Under The Bed August 23, 2011

Under The Bed

Didn’t want to look too soon
under the bed in the afternoon

Seems there were creatures stuck under my bed
some brooding intruders bigger than rats with
paws shaking and rocking my bed, and
I needed to find a flashlight or a stick

How bold these dogs or raccoons
who seem to find room to roll a bed

Man on radio
said to staff
did you feel that

This just in:

Oh good —
nothing to worry about

—Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Under The Bed August 23, 2011

  1. hehe

    Oh good –
    nothing to worry about

    I like the nonchalant ending there.
    It’s good to check under the bed every so often, you never know what you’ll find under there, I’ve found all sorts of different things but never any dogs or raccoons.
    My quiet writing Tuesdays aren’t working out as planned. i try to write and just frustrate myself. Today I gave up and ended up painting walls and rearranging furniture. I’m glad you were able to write something good though.
    Maybe I need to hide my to-do list…

  2. Thanks. Maybe you need to listen to and remember your own passing thoughts and then exaggerate and dramatize them. I almost missed writing this because I was telling myself how stupid and ridiculous my thoughts were at the time of the Earthquake and I was about to forget them. I was lying on my bed listening to the radio when it started moving. At first I thought that somehow it had gotten into resonance with my fans like that famous bridge that started swinging only at a particular wind speed and vibrated like a musical tone until it collapsed. I got up and turned off the fans but then I felt dizzy or some kind of motion sickness. I put my hands on the bed and it was still moving. I thought I heard scratching sounds like mice(it must have been creaking floor boards or walls or something[our building shakes when a big truck hits a bump on the blvd.{forgot how to spell it}. I was going to get a flashlight and see if there were mice under the bed. I had put out a lot poison bait in the kitchen and I thought they were gone. I had previously learned to ignore their sounds in the kitchen and just kept telling myself “let them eat the poison food and just ignore them” — if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. So I lay down and was going to ignore it and continue listening to the radio. But then it seemed like a commotion under the bed and I thought, mice can’t do that — could it be something much bigger? That’s when the person on the radio asked people in his studio if they felt something and then a short time later he said that he had been informed that there had been an earthquake. It’s easy to very quickly suppress passing thoughts and you can lose them. Sometimes I even say to myself, wait — what was that. Emotional things seem easy to lose. Your emotional things would probably make good poems if you can not suppress them. Hold on to them with the reassurance that you can still keep them secret if you decide to later, but don’t dismiss them. They may be silly but might make material for a poem. Does this help?

    1. P.S. Someone went to a lot of trouble to create an Earthquake just for your “writing Tuesday”. Better write something because I’d hate to think what they’ll do for you next Tuesday. For the sake of all mankind and the future of the world, girl, write something quick — who knows what the Tuesday Fairy is capable of.

      1. P.S.S. I just remembered something: I had had the passing thought that the building might collapse. It’s incredible how easily something can be forgotten. That must have been something I wasn’t supposed to think. Growing up I was constantly told not to think things. My Mother’s famous phrases were “don’t worry about it,” “that can’t be”, “it’s done — forget about it.” I remember complaining about the sounds of the birds and insects in the backyard and beyond, and my Mother came into my bedroom and said, “I don’t hear anything. There’s nothing there” even after I whistled and hummed to imitate the sounds(like that — don’t you hear it?). I stopped listening to birds and insects. Somehow over the years I substituted the idea that each bird makes only one cute sound briefly. But recently, I started listening again. I observed one bird make at least 5 different songs or sounds. But that can’t be.

  3. Yes, it does help…I think I dismiss a bunch of my emotional thoughts because I try to avoid feeling some of the things I feel. I feel like i’ve been pushing emotions aside or away because they aren’t really valid or feeling them more than likely won’t bring about any type of change in anything so what’s the point of even feeling them? Being an emotional type person, that means all sorts of emotional things are being shoved off into the closet of my mind and that closet is filling up with feelings awfully fast. Soon I won’t be able to even close that closet door and it could just burst into a billion ignored emotions! Eeek!
    See what I mean? I’m a mess sometimes (or maybe that closet is a mess). I feel like I’m trying to explain myself to a therapist or something, thanks for listening, Dr. Doug : )
    But yeah, I should probably start trying to clean that closet out.
    Dandegirl to the rescue! (hopefully). We don’t want the Tuesday fairy to be upset.

    Yes, I can hear your birds and insects…or at least i can imagine to hear them. And I know the birds do make all kinds of different sounds. When i was a kid i used to listen to them all the time, my dad loved birds and would actually tell me to listen (i bet that’s how i fell in love with the winged species). So I suppose it can be…I suppose lots of things ‘can be’ that we are told at some point or another that ‘can’t be’.
    I suppose i’m probably not making much sense and am probably rambling on too.

    Hope you’re having a great day.

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