Reference: ” An International Poem Of Peace “

Excerpts from “An International Poem Of Peace” — The Peaceful Pub, poetry forum

WE ADDED TWO 4-LINE ITEMS TO THE COMMUNITY POEM “An International Poem Of Peace — Please Join In”
One piece was towards the beginning and one near the end. Excerpt:

“ …and on that mountain top so close to God,
I call His name and pray that peace will reign (Jean Lewis, Wales, U.K.).
Somewhere Love reigns so puffy and fluffy
like majestic cloud, its cottony dream, and it
rains upon the planted seeds, those needs
eluding birds and bullet drops (Doug — New York)

Raise your hands to the heavens and
pray for peace that all mankind will know it, (debbenson Shelton, Ct)…
…I’ve only heard the distant thunder of war drums,
and only seen its ghostly specter from afar.
If a louder sound is needed to drown the thundering herd,
let Peace’s Clarion song become a shout, a wail, a constant vigil to quell the angry march. (Glen, Kentucky, N.A.)
Pray we play together in awe, if tyrants fall and
rebels remember who they were. Armed
with tickle plans, I have a feather —
come ye laugh with me in flighty dreams of remembrance (Zawmb’yee, Sacred Quarters)

to raise our voices and sing as one
it can be done(susan, toronto, ontario)… ”

[ For full poem see ]


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