Swallow Me

If you could only hum me
when my voice is like a swallow,
I would follow you
in every flight
and even folly

You please me;
you see me, and
we are ecstasy, darling

I swallow daring
to awake, and
take to wing
my praises:

I love you, and hover
on every phrase you sing

I can sing
for every day
I know that you are with me

Kiss me like you miss me
and I know I will always follow

I know you,
you show me, I
can be our song

Swallow me forever, so
I will be your lover

I love you,

Please be
in my song, ’cause

I have always hummed you
even in my every daydream.

I love you,

a rainbow symphony.

Twitter By Caw

Saw little birds attack the crow
nip at its wings
dive bomb it

Went inside to eat my breakfast:
some infertile eggs from
the big chicken

Outside the birds attack the crow, for
it’s had some fertile eggs to eat

If they could only,
little birds would eat crow
—Douglas Gilbert

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