Mountain Man

This is a selection from the “FREE-VERSE POETRY by Douglas Gilbert” Blog ( ). [ #poem #poetry #freeverse #Doug #verse #versely #Zawmbyee ] The site also contains “The blog of the caveman”…

Mountain Man
by Zawmb’yee Nuje

Mountain Man,
I have seen you soften
my love went fishing in your stream

and I have seen
in glistening glint and gush
the river on your face, and such.

I have seen you soften as
we harmonized the howling winds, and
softened moonlight’s omens much, so
cold could never bite our heat

You’ve seen me
wander in your forest where
the wind and water sing to me, but

You might know
you splash my soul
as kindly as an otter.

Could I tell you Mountain Man
I’ve seen you soften in your rain,
and in your brook

your cute little wiggle
makes my waters giggle.

Oh Mountain Man,
you rock me


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