Train Platform

Train Platform

I feel small climbing the stairs
to the elevated track
stepping over broken ketchup packets
french fry wrappers
kids’ litter dropped by
catburglers who
steal scenery. Is my
train coming?

Yet there’s a foolish gal
who built a house nearby
who endures the clickety-clack for me
gives me solace, for
with the sun at my back
my shadow’s on her roof, but then

to let the sun climb with me
the morning clouds do stay away
on many days of huff and puff

In Spring at last
I last until
my shadow’s on her door

Tomorrow I shall be her Sun
who crosses streets to knock

—Douglas Gilbert

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2 thoughts on “Train Platform

  1. I’ve always loved this one!

    Oddly enough I just built a home pretty close to the tracks – it’s a sunny little house, light yellow with a blue door. The happiest looking house on the street, with little red flowers in a pot near the front door. At first the train would wake me up at night, but i’ve gotten used to it now, kinda like how i was used to the coyotes howling near my parent’s house…

    1.      Thanks. A while back I erased some of the early poems, I think because I wanted the book to contain bonus poems that no one reading here would have seen. I don’t know what I was thinking: that really didn’t make any sense. But anyway I was looking for something to post on Reddit ever since Digg changed everything. And I was flipping through the book and thought “Train Platform” would be a good thing to reference and then I saw it was missing, so I re-posted it.
           I bet it is the happiest looking house on the street. It sounds warm just reading about it. Sun-yellow house, a kiss of red flowers, and mysteries behind the blue door. Sounds like a movie scene. Maybe they could have a movie “Coyotes on the train don’t howl”

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