Zawmb’yee Nuje Continues the Blog, Chap 9, 117(Edit)

Zawmb’yee Continues The Blog, Chap 9

ENTRY 117 (Edit: with supplement)

     Today, Gavicte Yenkoi has said that a group of Drofluo want to meet with me. They are a black ops division of the Wipzib. He has said that if I choose to meet with them I can’t consult with him or anyone else, and that I must keep to myself whatever secrets they tell me, unless I write a formal decree explaining my reasons for wanting to share this information with any persons, and explaining these persons’ need-to-know. Gavicte Yenkoi says, I may reveal those secrets to those designated in the decree only if the full Council ratifies the decree. I can refuse to see the Drofluo if I wish. I don’t know if I want to know this ultra-super-top secret stuff. But if I don’t even hear it, how would I condemn any abuse of power I know nothing about. I suppose the idea of refusal is to be able to have plausible deniability for the approval by default of a necessary evil, because conditions are so dire as to require drastic measures.
     I’m feeling more weird all the time. Because of this, I’ve scheduled an automatic sending of Doug’s email at the up-top network service provider. It’s already safely stored by them. This way, whatever happens here to me or to my up-top-type computer in the kngacev, the ISP will send the special email to Doug and will take care of my accounts. At his point, I’d better not say anything further here about that.
     Well, then, perhaps, while I’m still somewhat lucid (although, I don’t know if anything has ever been clear to me), I’ll talk about the last session I observed at the mevltikacle. After that one, I just told Libikzi to send me written reports and that if any more authorizations were needed that I’d let Gavicte Yenkoi make the decisions for me.
     After the cart pulling incident, they had returned James to Gacplk. We had arrived at the mevltikacle for a morning session. The tikwitipj and the eksikmazm were laid out on the floor of the mevltikacle again. James a.k.a. Camille was naked except for his hilukwili, earrings, neck collar, and handcuffs.
     James stood, hands behind his back, in front of the pedal of the tikwitipj. Gacplk, growling behind him, said, “Spin the wheel.”
     “I can’t,” said James.
     Gacplk let go of the chain of the handcuffs. He said, “Move forward and step hard with your foot on the pedal. The harder you step, the faster and the longer the wheel will spin… you might need time to think about something.”
     “Is this good news or bad news?” asked James.
     “Shut up. Just step on the damn pedal,” said Gacplk pushing James who then fell onto the pedal on his knees. The wheel spun furiously.
     “Can I win a prize?” asked James.
     “No. But you can take the consequences of the wheel, or you can have what’s behind door number one, door number two, or door number three. What do you want to do?” said Gacplk.
     “I want to go to Disneyland.”
     Gacplk looked toward the firing squad. “Load crossbows.” He said to James, “Decide soon, and this time, if you try to escape, the archers will get you in a painful way.”
     James said, “Um, uh, door number one.”
     Gacplk waved over two guards. Gacplk said, “Remove his handcuffs.”
     James said, “Does this mean I can go to Disneyland?”
     “No James,” said Gacplk, “you’ve chosen door number one. Walk over to the door, and you’ll see that there’s a sword on the floor right in front of it. Go pick it up.”
     “Does this mean,” said James, “that I get to fight my way out of the mevltikacle?”
     Gacplk used his sweet insidious voice, “No, James, not that you’d be any match against crossbows and guns. Just go while the wheel is still spinning and you don’t have to forfeit your chance.”
     As James walked towards the door, Gacplk and his men all moved back about fifty feet away from the door. Yenkoi and I also moved back to a safe distance. The men up on the eksikmazm with their crossbows were already in a secure position.
     Arriving at the door, James picked up the sword and said, “Oh, I could throw this like a spear.”
     “No James,” shouted Gacplk, “hold the sword straight out in front of you.”
     “Like this?”
     “Good enough,” said Gacplk. He gave a signal and the door began to open. Gacplk’s men spread out into defensive positions and drew their guns.
     A lion lunged at James going for his throat and was just barely diverted as part of its body fell onto the sword that James didn’t even have time to move.
     The lion roared and while stumbling, mauled James with its claws. It turned itself around.
     “No, James,” shouted Gacplk, “stab it in the throat.”
     James plunged the sword into its throat as it lunged again.
     Gacplk shouted, “Stab it again. Cut its head off.”
     James pulled out the sword and plunged it repeatedly all over the lion’s body, and hacked at the neck. He turned, screamed a war cry and ran towards Gacplk with the sword outstretched. Gacplk’s men backed up and aimed their guns at James.
     Gacplk shouted, “Stop James, now.”
     Two arrows flew near James’ ears, the feathers of one brushing him. James slowed somewhat. He let out a bellowing shriek, waving the sword wildly while blood sprayed into the wind of his wake.
     “Stop James,” Gacplk said, calmly stepping back a few steps and drawing his gun.
     James lowered the sword and walked towards Gacplk.
     “Drop the sword.”
     James picked up speed again, made the sound of a moose, and raised his sword back like an antler.
     “Stop. Drop the sword.” Gacplk ran back, stopped, turned, aimed his gun and shouted, “Aim crossbows.”
     James ran faster, aiming the sword at Gacplk.
     Gacplk braced himself. “Steady, fire at my signal.”
     A chorus of screeches came from the entrance of the mevltikacle and James stopped and looked up.
     Hshwigi, Baynibi, and Naytuci screamed, “Camille! Whoa!”
     The wild creature wearing the hilukwili and earrings, stopped in its tracks, dropped the sword like a molting, and began shaking uncontrollably, falling to the ground.
     “Pevfexo Gacplk!” shouted Pevfexo Libikzi.
     Gacplk looked at Libikzi and back at the creature on the ground. “Stand down weapons,” said Gacplk.
     Pevfexo Libikzi said, “May I, Pevfexo Gacplk?”
     “Yes, alright, Pevfexo Libikzi, if you wish,” said Gacplk. “Come retrieve it.”
     Libikzi, Hshwigi, Baynibi, and Naytuci had come with an entire team of Yacmyeep who waited at the entrance. Libikzi waved them in. They carried all kinds of baskets and bags, and they looked like they came for a picnic.
     Hshwigi, Baynibi, and Naytuci rushed over to Camille who was still shaking on the ground. Hshwigi said, “Take it easy Camille. We’ve brought you a cheeseburger, and a gin and tonic.”
     The filly Camille sat up. She took a sip of the gin and tonic from a straw, and had a bite of the cheeseburger.
     Baynibi said, “We’ve brought your clothes. Do you want to put them on?”
     Camille said, “Yes, Aipnica Baynibi.” Camille put on her trotter skirt and Baynibi and Hshwigi helped her put on her harness bra.
     Naytuci said, “Drink the rest of you gin and tonic.”
     Camille gulped it down.
     Libikzi came around. “Is everything under control?”
     Hshwigi said, “Yes, our filly is fine.”
     Libikzi said to Camille, “Feel better?”
     The filly said, “Yes, Pevfexo Libikzi.”
     Libikzi said, “Finish your Cheeseburger.”
     Camille grabbed it with both hands and gobbled it up.
     Libikzi offered a swig of whiskey from a bottle. “Want to have a jolt?”
     “Yes, please, Pevfexo Libikzi,” said Camille and she took the bottle to her mouth and swung it back.
     Hshwigi and Baynibi took Camille’s hands and led her away from Gacplk’s sight.
     Libikzi said, “Don’t worry Camille. We’ll take care of you. Feel better?”
     “Yes, Pevfexo Libikzi,” said Camille.
     Libikzi signaled Naytuci. Naytuci walked behind Camille.
     Libikzi said, “Give Naytuci your hands.”
     Camille said, “Yes, Pevfexo Libikzi.”
     Naytuci handcuffed Camille’s hands behind her back. “Secure,” said Naytuci to Libikzi.
     Libikzi shouted to Gacplk, “Thank you, Pevfexo Gacplk. Everything’s under control now.”
     The Yacmyeep took Camille away, and Naytuci said, “Can we put on her blue eye shadow and her mascara?”
     Libikzi said, “Sure, why not. It’s your filly, and she has pretty eyes and nice eyelashes.”
     Hshwigi said, “Um, Pevfexo Libikzi, if I may make a formal request?”
     Libikzi said, “Yes, Aipnica Hshwigi, dear. Speak your mind.”
     “High Pevfexo, if it pleases you, may I um, uh…”
     “Go right ahead Dear. I give my permission for you to speak freely,” Libikzi said.
     “Thank you, Pevfexo. After proper training, may I use Camille as my yleueox?”
     Libikzi said, “I am inclined to approve, but wait Dear… I have one formality to do.”
     “Yes, Pevfexo.”
     Libikzi turned towards me. “High Priestess, Fevepo Zawmb’yee, if it would please you to do so, would you allow Aipnica Hshwigi to use Camille as her yleueox, and may I also ask if the Yacmyeep may have Camille available as aucocne?”
     Baynibi and Naytuci giggled. They whispered to Hshwigi.
     I said, “Pevfexo Libikzi, thank you for your request. Please give me one moment.”
     “Yes, Fevepo.”
     I whispered to Yenkoi, “Gavicte, what the Kievifkwa is she asking me?”
     “Well, Fevepo, yleueox means um…”
     “Oh hell, oh Kievifkwa, never mind. Gavicte, can you decide and speak for me?”
     “Yes, of course, Fevepo.”
     I said to Libikzi, “I will allow Gavicte Yenkoi to make the decision and speak for me.”
     “Yes, High Priestess, Fevepo Zawmb’yee.” Libikzi bowed toward Yenkoi.
     Yenkoi smiled and whispered to me, “Fevepo, may I proceed?”
     “Yes, Yenkoi,” I said.
     Yenkoi turned toward Libikzi. “Pevfexo Libikzi, I hereby grant both requests, and if you would convey to Aipnica Hshwigi in advance, our congratulations and best wishes. May you succeed as fortune will have it in service to the gods.”
     Libikzi bowed. “Thank you Gavicte Yenkoi. Thank you, High Priestess, Fevepo Zawmb’yee.”
     I whispered to Yenkoi, “Now what the Kievifkwa, what Kievifkwa-ing thing did I agree to?”
     “High Priestess, Fevepo Zawmb’yee, if it pleases you to do so, may I request that you not curse so much?”
     “Oh never mind Gavicte. Can you tell me what it means later?”
     “Yes, of course, Fevepo. You are so kind.”
     “Oh… I mean, yes, fine, very good, my dear Gavicte.”


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