Zawmb’yee Nuje Continues The Blog, Chap 9, 107

Zawmb’yee Continues The Blog, Chap 9


     It’s been an odd few days. James Ziohat doesn’t know who he is anymore, and I don’t feel like myself either.
     I seem to blurt things out with a temporary air of certainty, but it’s as if someone else said it. But, of course, it’s me. I guess it’s what happens when you let emotions get out of control — something from the sub-conscious pops up. No, that doesn’t sound right. Maybe it’s just fatigue and overload from all the studying I’m doing. Could be I just automatically remember something I’m supposed to know for an appropriate few seconds. They demand that the High Priestess, me, make a quick decision, so I do it by barely plucking out something from the crash study-course swimming-headache pool of my mind that I’ve been thrown into.
     This seems like a plausible explanation, but I have a feeling it’s just wrong, because…
     I did finally have to visit James Ziohat in the interrogation complex. I came with Gavicte Yenkoi, and an entourage. James stood nude, hands behind his back with guards restraining him in a large rock chamber with cave entrances and rock staircases leading into what looked like endless mazes on narrow ledges and cliffs. Yenkoi had said, “What method should we use to handle this intruder?”
     I blurted out, “Pzkpac.”
     Yenkoi said, “Are you sure. That’s an ancient method. We have more modern and efficient methods to…”
     “No,” I said, “Jevkwyi! The Wipzib can have you removed and executed if you refuse a direct order from the High Priestess. Jevkwyi!”
     “As you wish.” Yenkoi was stunned and surprised. “Gacplk, would you begin please.”
     Gacplk, a burly, ferocious looking man, who looked like some sort of ancient gladiator, approached James and said in an oddly gentle voice, “You must be thirsty after your ordeal. Would you like something to drink? Some whiskey perhaps?”
     James seemed relieved. He said, “Yes. Now can you uncuff my hands. I was only just exploring and…”
     “Not yet. Maybe, if you cooperate. Now, would you like some rye whiskey?”
     “Open your mouth wide, so I can pour a little without spilling.” Gacplk picked up a clay cup from a small table. Gacplk poured a cup of salt into James’ mouth, and with one huge hand on James’ head and one under his chin forced his mouth closed while one of the guards taped his mouth shut. Gacplk said, “Explore if you wish James, but don’t fall down any stairs. See you tomorrow… ”
    Gavicte Yenkoi said, “Fevepo Zawmb’yee, may I suggest that you confer with Mieta Apacevj to explain this procedure further.”
     “No,” I had said, and blurted out, “Jevkwyi.”
     “Yes, Fevepo.”
     “I will return to my library for study and contemplation.”
     “As you wish.”
     So, it’s been an odd few days to say the least. And here I am again, alone. Well, I did blog a little. Right? I gave you a little — I didn’t describe everything, but I’m all mixed up. I should give the blog back to Doug or not.


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