Zawmb’yee Becomes High Priestess 90(revised), About Chapter 8

Zawmb’yee Continues the Blog

ENTRY 90 (revised & finished)
     We made our way towards the corner of the park. I think we passed the building with the trees on every terrace, and the buses faced us at every stop with their unloading commotions and their boarding confused hordes looking for cards and change. But mostly I didn’t notice if there were gems in the din, or new fashions in the store windows, no, mostly, I listened to the music of Doug’s chatter because I love the sound of his voice — it comforts me and I know when the song of his voice turns tender, when I laugh, that he loves to be with me, and when my word of acknowledgment makes him smile and pause, I know he loves me like the humming bird loves the flower however fast the flutter of his wings. I think perhaps I dress to be his nectar.
     Doug said, “Could this be a Phthalocyanine Blue sky?”
     “Huh what?”
     “I mean, it seems like a god has lent you his brushes, and you’ve painted my sky. Is it you who paints my world?”
     “No, it is you who shines on my tears, penetrates the rainbow of my feelings and I show you the canvas of the world as I see it. I look in your eyes and pray they will see every color that makes you happy and if I would be on your palette, brush me.” His hand brushed my cheek and touched my lips, but we nearly collided with a passerby who said, “Idiots!”
     Doug said, “Maybe we are foolish to speak poetically. I mean, if we don’t speak colloquially or idiomatically in English, and develop such bad speaking habits, then how will we blend into the up-top world?”
     I was a little insulted — I thought I was flowing and in tune with a romantic moment. I said, “No we’re not foolish. A little blend, a little metaphor. All things in moderation, as they say, but I say, except in matters of love, and then, and then, um…”
     “Um, uh, and then the silent blend,” said Doug as he kissed my hand, and then we crashed into a hot dog stand.
     Doug said, “Um, we’ll take two with sauerkraut.”
I said, “Mustard and chili.”
     “Look, there’s a hansom cab parked up ahead and someone is giving the horse a carrot, and see over there the portrait artist doing someone…”
     “Dougie wougie wougie, yeah, why don’t we cross over to the hotel side and then cross to the park? Yeah…”
     “OK. You’ve got mustard and chili dripping down your face.” The vendor gave Doug a napkin and he wiped my face clean with love, patience, and indulgence if I may speak in such terms — I don’t know if I know the words for this moment.


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