Zawmb’yee Becomes High Priestess 88, About Chapter 8

Zawmb’yee Continues the Blog, About Chapter 8

    I told Doug all about the Kmpamew and I said I thought maybe he should come to live with me there during my interim appointment, just until the new Council is sworn-in in the new year.
    Doug said, “you know, they lied to us. Didn’t we always think the caves were barren and underpopulated, especially after so many moved up-top to live? They didn’t say anything about a palace and a secret city.”
    “Yeah, we missed an entire world. How could we have not known about an isolated and secret society in our midst?…”
    “And did you ever see any workers coming and going from there?”
    “And these people are not any of the crowd in the main cave that we saw on the day of the last crisis?”
    “No. They don’t dress the same and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before.”
    “Speaking of dressing: you were organizing your closet and you were going to finish unpacking the seven chest of the Nipusindi.”
    “Well, yeah, but I’ve been busy…”
    “Well now that you’re part of the upper-upper strata of society, you may want to wear some of the clothes from the chest.”
    “I don’t know what to choose or where to put it all and, um, how to organize…”
    “I would think they have endless closets in a palace, and some kind of servant who can help you. Didn’t you say there’s a large staff?”
    “Well, I just met the Gavicte and I wanted to study some documents before seeing my Mieta … Oh damn, oh Kievifkwa!”
    “What’s Kievifkwa ?”
    “Oh hell, it’s just our general all around curse word, or expletive… you know how I am with definitions…Oh Kievifkwa! And damn, how am I going to remember all these rules and stuff…”
    “What stuff is that?”
    I explained to Doug what little I knew about the weapons in the armory and about the rules for intruders. I said, “There’s a possibility that James Ziohat might accidentally drill into the ceiling of the Kmpamew.”
    “It’ll never happen: the little twerp just talks big. His grand plans never go anywhere… but I’ve got better news…”
    “I get to paint on the ceiling of the Kmpamew.”


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