Selections from “The Xyiwa Poets” by Douglas Gilbert, “Morning Glory”

Morning Glory

She let me add
a climbing vine
to her garden.

Those trumpets opened,
the blue flowers
in my every morning,
that yet still, today,
cry for sun.

The morning glories were
twisted around the fence —
the blue flowers were
our only compromise, because

I hated the red
crinkly marigolds
or whatever
the easy hardy ones were.
I hated the woody geraniums —
too tough.

I loved the delicate flowers
like her.

I liked the blues, asked
if we could plant a morning glory
as beautiful as her.

Every morning is like her:
beautiful and elegant
blue climbing

But she was too dainty to
climb higher that mortal trellis,
live longer than
a twist of fate.

I should have
grown her with thorns
prickly but strong,
made her an immortal rose, but
I could not.

—Douglas Gilbert

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Paperback book of poetry by Douglas Gilbert. 322 pages, 192 poems.

Douglas Gilbert lived most of his life in a cave, except for a brief period of time in the 1960’s when his spiritual leader and guru, Utcoozhoo, made him join the Xyiwa Poets to provide them with disinformation, because they were in danger of finding one of the secret entrances to the sacred ancient caves. The Xyiwa Poets were a naïve bunch of hippies led by Ziohat who drilled into a rock formation just above the holy chambers so they could have a cave to party in. Ironically, though not in the original founding group, Doug has become the last of the Xyiwa poets. Most of Doug’s poems have been preserved, but just a few of the others’ poems remain.

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