Oh Say Can You See “Beyond The Dust Storm”, Neda And Me

Beyond The Dust Storm

Tear gas in the haze
canisters and batons,
oh hail freedom —
it stayed with us, all, for
we walked with God by the crack and hiss

Covered in blood
the flag of her clothing,
she grabbed my hand, said
run with me up Kargar street
and I will not be afraid

We prayed for the crowd
and the dust dispersed

Rising in the settling dust
Neda appeared
high in the sky
smiling at us, and
we walked with God July the 9th

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Oh Say Can You See “Beyond The Dust Storm”, Neda And Me

  1. Hello Mr Gilbert, I am a French poet and I have taken the liberty of translating the three beautiful texts Beyond The Dust Storm, the Weeping Willow Sings and Sea of Neda, into French. I would need to send you the texts and ask you for permission to put them online. Can you get in touch with me at the above email address? Thank you.

  2. The fact is, Neda was not a hero.
    She thought that walking in or near a demonstration
    Was a right
    If she had known that her life’s dream would end
    In a burst of pain and gush of blood
    She would have gone another way, let’s face it.
    So life has a gap in it
    Left where Neda should be
    By an uncaring bullet.
    There are many bullets that don’t care in the world
    Tearing, leaving blurs
    Where people should be.
    There is only so much we can do against bullets without hearts
    That don’t know what they are doing.
    We can only try to stop them.

    1. Gene,
      Symbols are necessary to stir people. Accidents of history create change. Honor can be given to any human being and if cherishing one soul can bring about beneficial change for everyone then it is worthy to praise one soul however random their coming to fame may be. There is nothing wrong with loving a stranger… Anyone who exercises her right to free speech is a hero and I don’t know why you would begrudge anyone for the honor of their life. I hope your motives are merely abstract …

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